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Minh T – Overview on Earth Defense Force 2017 for the 360

January 31, 2009

June 6th, 2017.
To my son that I have never met,

This is your biological father writing. If you have received this letter, it means that I did not make it. I have instructed your mother that if anything happens to me, she has to deliver this letter to you on your 15th birthday. At the time I’m writing this, you, my son, have not been born yet. But in 15 years, I imagine you grown up to be a strong handsome son, both in body and spirit. And now it is time for you to know who I am, your father, and about my past.

I am a soldier in the Storm Squadron of the Earth Defense Force infantry. I have no name, I’m only referred as Storm 1. I have no special abilities, no special talent, no special power. I can carry only two weapons at a time with unlimited ammunition, and I do most missions on foot. I’m also qualified to pilot these following four vehicles, but I hardly use them: the combat tank E551 Gigantus, the SDL2 Airbike, the combat helicopter EF24 Bazelato, and the battle mech Vegalta.

This is me fighting against waves of Terror Ants. Im being outnumbered.

This is me fighting against waves of Terror Ants. I'm being outnumbered.

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January 30, 2009

hojo.artcore_as i was rolling up roses in We heart Katamari earlier today, my mind started to wander. i started to think about how many people i’ve heard complain about the game. i started to repeat the various complaints i’d heard about it in my head.

“the soundtrack wasn’t as good.”

“i didn’t like the stage design.”

“it didn’t have the same charm as the first one.”

_even as the most monotonous and boring task in the game clouded my perception of the game itself, i still couldn’t help but think about how much of an improvement WheartK actually was over the original. the graphics were improved. the wall climbing mechanic had been improved. the item collection menu was made easier to navigate. none of the items were as frustrating to find as some in the original *cough*4th Step. seeing if you had rolled up new items was made easier. the soundtrack was still good, with many songs made to compliment specific stages. you could select what song you wanted to in each stage. there was more variety in the stages, and more stages in general. there’s more emphasis on unique rolling. how could people like the original better?

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Kibou – Distractions from Grinding: Fishan Gaemz

January 26, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaWhat’s a game without games inside the main game for massive time wastan damage? Obviously a somewhat lacking game. Anyways, most people call these games “minigames“, which are mini…games that like to detract one from the main quest and keep the player from beating it.

The most common of these tinygames is That One Where They Make You Fish, aka Fishing Games. It is in almost every genre of games (besides fighting games and SHMUPs…I think), so here’s an intro to the some of the fishing games I have played recently(ish). I even gave each of them a mini-review!

Here are the games from which the minigames will be introduced…if that sentence made sense at all:
1. Okami
2. Persona 4
3. Animal Crossing (GC + DS)
4. Pokemon Emerald
5. Lost in Blue 2

Shortcut: I wrote quite a bit of stuff for this, so if you’re allergic to tl;dr, you can ctrl+f “tl;dr” to find the one sentence summaries I added at the end of each section.

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Noi\\ShinMegamiTensei: Persona 4 [Impressions]

January 22, 2009

noithenoiFirst time I do one of these here things, though I should technically have enough material to report about.

I actually started typing this post as a playlog post, but then I realized that I’d written probably too much about Persona 4 to be able to compare it to the other games I was gonna type about, so I’ll leave the rest for another time. Anyway, read up on my Persona 4 impressions after the jump.

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Kibou – Artist Spotlight: Kita Senri (北千里)

January 22, 2009


Hi, it’s me again! Are you getting annoyed by my posts yet?! Anyways, this is another series of features that I came up with…I’ve had this idea for a long time, but I’ve been a little lazy in committing to it, so I haven’t really done one until now. Hopefully these are kind of fun to read/discover, since obscure things+people are awesome, but no guarantees that this won’t be tl;dr!

Our first nifty artist of the week is Kita Senri! Never heard of him/her? Well, here’s your chance to see why she/he is pretty awesome! Click on the pictures to see the images in their full glory!

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January 19, 2009

Narcissus At Oasis

_to stay true to the name “Slaves to the Grind,” i wanted my first post to be about grinding. no, not the Clipse song. i originally was going to finish the 1,000,000 rose roll-up in WeheartKatamari and post something about that…but then i ended up getting back into Final Fantasy X and decided to finish what i had put off for so long and complete it.

_i am also apologizing ahead of time, as i’m going to go into a lot of boring details, and often times won’t bother to go into details on things that you wouldn’t understand if you haven’t played the game.

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Temmy – [Music 01]

January 19, 2009

Hello, all! Finally decided to make my first post. Since I don’t have much to write about the two games I’m currently playing at the moment unfortunately, I decided to make a music post. Incidentally, both of the songs featured in this post were released on albums during Comiket 74.

First is a 16 minute medley of songs from Kirby SSDX. If you browse Youtube or Nico Nico Douga, you may have listened to it before – as it was a top ranked video on Nico for a few days when it was first uploaded and later reposted on Youtube. Arranged by an artist named hapi⇒, the song is also featured on a fan album named “The large concert of the Starry Sky“, which is a continuation of a previous Kirby music arrange CD by the same circle. The medley consists of 32 songs; many of which will be easy to recognize by Kirby fans.

Second entry is an arrange of the Tartarus dungeon theme from Persona 3. This fan arrange could easily pass as being from the actual game in my opinion; it keeps true to the original. A good job on Lix‘s part. This song was released on a CD named Maditation, featuring music from several Atlus games re-arranged by members of the circle Velvet Sounds, most of which already have circles of their own.

02. tartarus_0d06 – Lix

Sorry for the crappy post orz Haven’t written an actual good blog post for a long while. It’ll be quite some time before I attempt anything like reviews and the such. ;w;