January 7, 2009

“can’t be the king of the world if you’re a slave to the grind.”

-Skid Row, 1991

it’s ok if we’re not kings of the world. that’d probably be too much responsibility anyways. well, it would be for me. i can’t really speak for everyone else. (Hojo)

Okay, time for polymetrica/Kibou to do a longcat welcome, so uh, WELCOME TO THE UNDERW- BLOG?! You can get to know us better on the _characters page or see what we will post about on the _system page.  And just a note that the banner is under construction…

Hopefully you will find our posts interesting and read them for hours on end…If you have any (constructive) feedback just leave a comment on any post you like. We loooooove comments.


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