Noi – In retrospect…

January 11, 2009

I honestly don’t know what got me into jRPGs.

Seriously, I don’t.

They’re really damn long, evil, tedious, time consuming, exhausting, and require hours upon hours of grinding (hence slaves to the grind), but there’s just something about them that’s oh so addicting.  I mean, at the moment, I have 25 or so jRPG / jRPG Hybrids that I still have Unfinished, and it takes me about a month or two of dedicated playing to beat one of them, counting that I don’t get bored and stop playing the game at all. I mean, take the Suikoden games. I’ve only recently started to get into them, but not to the point where I’ll want to play the games every single day. And I’ve already got the first game, as well as the third, fourth and fifth lined up and waiting for me to get on with them some day.

But there’s just something about finally beating that last boss, seeing the story that’s been force fed to you for hours just all draw to close, that makes me eager to just go on and start the next adventure in generic fantasy land. The feeling you get from that is a lot better than the one you get from a game you just breezed through with no effort at all. I’ll still love platformers and the like, but I guess that’s just why I love the RPG genre more than any other. People might argue that they’re an utter waste of time, but hey, can’t all video games fall under that same excuse?

Eh, I should be typing less and playing some more Persona 4. Just felt like typing something up in this here blog.



  1. You like jRPGs because they’re awesome.


    For me they just have this special little vibe/feeling/whatev to them, found in plenty of jGames. *shrug* Something I’ve felt since playing SNES games.

  2. Yow, great post! I am surprised about why I haven’t thought about why I played so many JRPGs too, until you mentioned it. There really is a lot of satisfaction that comes from finishing the uh, journey of an RPG. (lol P3 reference) It’s like “Wow, after all my hard work, it’s finally over..!” kind of feeling. I guess this is also why I get so upset when the ending of an RPG doesn’t live up to the rest because I had to put in so much time to GET there.

    Long comment is long. /me fled.

  3. >long, evil, tedious, time consuming, exhausting

    The first thing that came up in my mind when I read that was Romancing SaGa. My solo run for it just seems to be more effort than what it is worth. And I still have two more characters to play through the game with to complete it. >_>

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