Kibou – January Playlog One

January 13, 2009

slavestothe_changpoHi, this post will be about the game progress I’ve made on random games from the past week. Hopefully it will become a regular feature..!!

Games reported on: Persona 4, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Ketsui: Death Label, Space Invaders Extreme, and Custom Robo. Ctrl+F to find the stuff you want to read!


Persona 4 (RPG; Playstation 2)
I finally started this silly game. I promised myself that I would start it after beating Valkyrie Profile 2, but that is impossible in my current state.

Here’s what happened:
– Named main character Mika Mihara (last name is from Angelic Layer?!)
– Finished the first dungeon (“That” castle) and beat the boss.
– Knowledge went from Aware to Informed.
– Joined the Soccer and Drama clubs.
– Signed up for Daycare job and making envelopes.
– Now I am waiting for the next victim to be announced, and will go on a trip to Junes…
– Play time so far is about 6 hours.

Here’s what I think:
– I am addicted to 2.5 songs: Heartbreak Heartbreak, Your Affection, and the Junes jingle.
– Love the changing settings of the dungeons, and is always curious about what the main boss looks like.
– Favourite character so far is Yosuke. SO CUTE.
– Main character is awesome as his hair is out of his eyes.
– I do not really like Chie and Yukiko’s voices.
– Way better than Persona 3 because the setting is more quaint and the story is cool without trying.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (Life Sim?; Nintendo DS)
Kind of a filler game for when I am randomly bored. I usually play it before going to sleep so I never get to make money. ;A;

Here’s what happened:
– Fruit trees grew! I have a forest of them now.
– Chevalier Hat get! Replaced my Detective Hat…
– 90,000 bells collected so far. Debt is 298,000.
– Completed Apatosaur and Stegosaur displays.

Ketsui: Death Label (Shoot-’em-up; Nintendo DS)
Getting back into the game after about a month. I forgot how frustrating AND fun this game can be!

Here’s what happened:
– Stuck on trying to beat Very Hard mode.
– Keep dying at the 6th boss. (Jamadhar)
– 51/113 Evac Report panels removed…
– Training on Very Hard mode bosses to get used to their firing patterns.
– 15 starting lives on V.Hard mode. ~_~ (Which means I’ve failed it 15 times)

Here’s what I think:
– THIS IS REALLY HARD BUT FUN. Ketsui: Death Label is probably the only hard game I actually love.

Space Invaders Extreme (Shoot-’em-up; Nintendo DS)
Randomly picked this up since it’s on my games to beat.

Here’s what happened:
– Tried to continue playing Stage 4 on Arcade Mode again, but failed so miserably.
– Did not even get to the boss, died on a bonus stage once wtf.

Here’s what I think:
– I have been spoiled by Ketsui’s button holding firing mechanism, so now I am inaccurate at lining up shots.

Custom Robo (Mecha action…stuff; Gamecube)
My brother’s friend’s game. I played it because it seemed like a short game I could beat.

Here’s what happened:
– Beated the main game! (The Long Journey or something.)
– Beated the last few bosses with just one try but was stuck on a grunt battle for 15 minutes because Mira really sucks…

Here’s what I think:
– An incredibly shallow and low-quality game whose only asset is the inclusion of mechs.
– The music burns my ears and rivals the stuff found in Contact, if that is even possible.
– My favourite weapon is Vertical. Such an awesome gun.
– Hardest boss was the S-rank test. It took me ~8 tries to win, and I won with 13HP left.
– I give this game a 5 out of 10.

So yeah, that’s it..Long post was long! Hopefully you read at least some of this?! I tried to make it easier by putting it in point form.

Until next time, ciao..!



  1. It’s good that your playing Persona 4.

  2. I really need to play more Persona 4…

  3. And now for a comment that isn’t about P4.

    FFFF, Custom Robo, I still need to complete that. I’m about 3/4 done in the second story mode thing but AGH, TOURNAMENTS. I HATE THEM.

  4. I haven’t played Perso– *gets shot*

    Anyways. The Custom Robo music isn’t THAAAT baaad. D:

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