Kibou – January Playlog Two

January 18, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaYow, time for another installment of this thing! I didn’t play a lot of different games like I did last week, so this will mostly be about Persona 4. I made a lot of progress in that one game, though, so hooray. 

Games reported on: Persona 4, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Ketsui: Death Label. Ctrl+F to find the stuff you want to read!


Persona 4 (RPG; Playstation 2)
Been playing this a lot as it is much more addicting than I expected it to be, and the music just makes me not want to stop! Another reason for this addiction would be Yousuke, but if I talked about him, I would start fangirling annoyingly…and that would be very bad.

Here’s what happened, etc:
– Made social links and raised many stats during the break between getting dungeons!
– Social links activated: Devil, Empress, Star, Emperor
– Stats levels: Courage lv.4, all others lv.3
– Social links maxed: Magician (OH YOUSUKE)
– Beat the striptease dungeon in 2 in-game days!
– Player level: lv.33.
– Got the Hospital Janitor job, and finished Forever Macho. Started Off Today. 4 more books from my inventory to read ;A;
– Clocked in at 21 hours so far.

Here’s what I think:
– Yousuke’s Rank 9 S.link event is awesome since “I” got to hug him. Hurr, pseudo-gay..
– Now that I’ve maxed Yousuke, I have little motivation to work with social links…although Kanji looks a little er, tantilizing. (I’ll renovate your what?!)
– Working to boost Courage and Knowledge because 1) in-game Finals are next week and 2) I need those for Naoto’s S.link. (spoilerz yow)
– Incredibly surprised that I level up so fast. Just going through 4 levels of Striptease made me go up 3 levels, and by the time I finished the dungeon I had gained 5-6 levels. What?!
– I…don’t like Naoto that much so far. This is the first time “he”‘s shown up in my game, but my god he seems so cocky to me?! But I guess I can forgive that since his casual clothes are so cute. I am weak against ties.
– Rainy days are my absolute favourite. Mega beef bowl challenge and +2 in studying wahoo!
– I am actually working on beating the game as quickly as possible, so my stats/s.links might end up being a little neglected near the end of the game.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (Life Sim?; Nintendo DS)
I play this before I go to sleep almost all the time. I also play this while I procrasinate on homework or wait for classes to start.

Here’s what happened:
– Earned 90,000 from selling fruits.
– Oweing mortgage amount is now 189,000!
– Nookingtons get!
– I buy every axe I see.

Ketsui: Death Label (Shoot-’em-up; Nintendo DS)
Only working on this while riding the bus to school, but hey, that’s enough time for progress…kinda! Except because of that, this section will be incredibly brief.

Here’s what happened:
– Training on beating Sphinx without dying.

Here’s what I think:
I really suck at this game.

Lastly, I’m going to start posting stuff that are NOT progress logs soon, so look out for that?! They will be video game-related artists/composer spotlights, complete with pictures. Whoo! Hopefully I don’t make them TOO boring..(I’m also tempted to do a review like Seijika did too, but I fail at writing those so one from me won’t be up anytime soon…)



  1. I started P4 on Friday, clocked in 4 1/2 hours so far. Last time I played, I was on the 5th floor of Yukiko’s castle. Is it just me, or is 4 a lot tougher than 3?

  2. Yow, really?! I thought P4 is way easier than P3…there’s so much time to do everything! Good luck with P4, though. It is a great game…:’D

  3. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played P3 in a while and I’m getting used to P4…I think that’s it.

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