Temmy – [Music 01]

January 19, 2009

Hello, all! Finally decided to make my first post. Since I don’t have much to write about the two games I’m currently playing at the moment unfortunately, I decided to make a music post. Incidentally, both of the songs featured in this post were released on albums during Comiket 74.

First is a 16 minute medley of songs from Kirby SSDX. If you browse Youtube or Nico Nico Douga, you may have listened to it before – as it was a top ranked video on Nico for a few days when it was first uploaded and later reposted on Youtube. Arranged by an artist named hapi⇒, the song is also featured on a fan album named “The large concert of the Starry Sky“, which is a continuation of a previous Kirby music arrange CD by the same circle. The medley consists of 32 songs; many of which will be easy to recognize by Kirby fans.

Second entry is an arrange of the Tartarus dungeon theme from Persona 3. This fan arrange could easily pass as being from the actual game in my opinion; it keeps true to the original. A good job on Lix‘s part. This song was released on a CD named Maditation, featuring music from several Atlus games re-arranged by members of the circle Velvet Sounds, most of which already have circles of their own.

02. tartarus_0d06 – Lix

Sorry for the crappy post orz Haven’t written an actual good blog post for a long while. It’ll be quite some time before I attempt anything like reviews and the such. ;w;



  1. THE MEDLEY OF KIRBY SSDX is very long.

    I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  2. THE MELODY OF KIRBY SSDX is awesome. Onto the second song!

  3. Woo, Kirby. :up:

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