Kibou – Distractions from Grinding: Fishan Gaemz

January 26, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaWhat’s a game without games inside the main game for massive time wastan damage? Obviously a somewhat lacking game. Anyways, most people call these games “minigames“, which are mini…games that like to detract one from the main quest and keep the player from beating it.

The most common of these tinygames is That One Where They Make You Fish, aka Fishing Games. It is in almost every genre of games (besides fighting games and SHMUPs…I think), so here’s an intro to the some of the fishing games I have played recently(ish). I even gave each of them a mini-review!

Here are the games from which the minigames will be introduced…if that sentence made sense at all:
1. Okami
2. Persona 4
3. Animal Crossing (GC + DS)
4. Pokemon Emerald
5. Lost in Blue 2

Shortcut: I wrote quite a bit of stuff for this, so if you’re allergic to tl;dr, you can ctrl+f “tl;dr” to find the one sentence summaries I added at the end of each section.

1. Okami (Adventure; Playstation 2)

How to Get!
Okami’s fishing game is unlocked after you meet a whiny kid in some forest. It’s part of the story, so you will be FORCED to fish! Isn’t that nice!

How to Play!
I actually haven’t played Okami in about 3 months, but here’s the gist of it. You initiate the fishing session, take out the Celestial Brush by holding R1, and draw (by pressing square) a line from the fishing pole to the fish. Make sure you draw it right or die you won’t be able to fish! If you have succeeded, tilt the left analog stick in the OPPOSITE direction that the fish is swimming in. That’s right, TUG THAT LINE!

TUG THAT THING. Also, click on the images for videos.

TUG THAT THING. Also, click on the images for videos.

Don’t tug it too hard, though, because the face meter on the left will tell you if you’re doing it rong or not. Tug it just enough so that the meter stays in the green, because if it goes in the red, you will lose a life, and nobody likes to do that!

Once the fish is close enough, a random button symbol will show up. This is when you quickly MASH THE CORRESPONDING BUTAN ONCE. When the fish flies up, hold R1 and slash the heck out of it with your Celestial Brush (ie. draw a line through it). If you do it right, you get a fish! Wahoo!

How Good/Bad this is!
This is a very different fishing game compared to the othes. For one, it doesn’t really require you to wait like REAL LIFE fishing, and all you have to do is slash and pres buttons. A very fun variant of the traditional fishing game!

If you had to play a fishing minigame or two before you die, put this on your list. I give it a 9/10.

Point taken off because the kid is annoying and the meter won’t let me tug like crazy!

This is a very good line drawan, fish tuggan, meter watchan, butan matchan, fish slashan fishan gaem. Prey it!

2. Persona 4 (RPG; Playstation 2)

How to Get!
You can visit the Samegawa Riverbed on or after May 1st to unlock this. Just talk to that old man by the bank to get a FREE fishing rod! Most things in life aren’t free, but THIS fishing rod is.

Note: For every level of Diligence you have, you get +1 more chance to fish. ie. If your Diligence is at level 3, you get to fish thrice in one session.

How to Play!
First of all, you need bait. You can make bait by a) Trading your fish to the old man to get bait b) Fail at making homemade lunches c) Make the best homemade lunch (where you get BOTH lunch and bait), or d) Talk to the woman beside the dog at Dojima Residence to get moar.

Butan mashan gaemz

Butan mashan gaemz

Anyways, you can go fishing either after school or in the evening. Just drop by the tiny dock-thing at Samegawa Riverbed, press x, and there you can start fishing.

Casting the line is automatic, and when the fish hook sinks underwater, PRESS CIRCLE. Right after you press circle, MASH THE BUTTON until you get the fish. After jamming, they might tell you to press the square/triangle/X button, so do it! This only happens when you get big fish, though, so don’t worry about it too much. When you do it right, you will be rewarded with a fish…yum.

How Good/Bad this is!
This is a pretty typical fishing game…You can have fun with it, but in the game, time could be spent doing something else (like raising stats or social links). The prizes that the old man gives you for the fish aren’t THAT awesome either (and I never seem to have the fish he’s looking for whyyy), so why play this!

If you had to play every fishing minigame that was ever created, then add this to your list. Otherwise, it is unspectacular enough that it’s skippable…unless you’re being forced to catch a goldfish for some stupid fox’s quest in Persona 4. I give it a 6/10. Points taken off for a) Uncreativeness (-2) and b) Wasting precious time in P4. (-2)

This is a typical butan mashan, sometimes butan matchan fishan gaem.

3. Animal Crossing (Life sim?; GC version and DS’s wild World)
Animal Crossing’s variation is not exactly a minigame in that it doesn’t detract you from the point of the game…the point of the game being POINTLESS. (It is a pseudo-life sim, okay.)

How to Get!
Buy a Fishing Rod from Tom Nook’s (ripoff) store for 500 bells. They are not free in this game, unfortunately.

How to Play!
1) Dash to a body of water anywhere in any town. (Pond, lake, river, sea)
2) Look for the shadow of a fish in the water (don’t run while doing this because you will frighten it eek).
3) Equip your fishing rod (Hopefully you know how to do that), and press that A button to cast! Try to cast so that the bobber lands in front of the fish so that it can see and swim towards it.
4) Once the fish swims at the bobber up to 5 times, look out for when it bites. When the bobber gets an extra big bite and goes underwater, HOLD the A button to reel it in! You can also mash the A button if you like, but that depletes one’s real life stamina..kind of.

Fishing by the sea...Man these captions are boring!

Fishing by the sea...Man these captions are boring!

How Good/Bad this is!
Like Persona 4’s, this isn’t really an innovative fishing game, but unlike P4’s, there’s not much else to do in the game, so this is one of the ways where you can find FUN and LOVE. (Or just fun) There’s also a HUGE variety of fish, so one can make it their life goal to catch ’em all.

The controls for the DS version are extremely tight, and the buttons make it very hard to cast the line correctly, so I give the DS version a 7/10. Curse that D-pad!

The GC controller has much more precise direction control in the form of an analog stick, so I give the GC version an 8/10.

Points taken off for 1) Tricking the players into thinking dirty boots are fishes and 2) Some fish swim into impossible-to-reach places. (ie. Middle of the lake WHYYYYY)

If you had to choose between sitting on the bus for an hour with nothing to do or play this, choose this game.

This is a decent line castan, butan holdan, collection fillan fishan gaem.

4. Pokemon Emerald (Er, Pokemon; Game Boy Advance)

How to Get!
You can get your first rod (Old Rod) in Dewford Town by talking to the fisherman next to the gym. Say yes and you will obtain it..! Good Rod is in Route 118 and Super Rod is in Mossdeep City. Google for more details.

Ellipses everywhere! Get awaaaaaay!

Oh! A bite! So what!

How to Play!
Stand near a body of water, go to your menu, and select your choice of rod. You will automatically cast the line and be treated to either 1) a feast of dots or 2) Something telling you that nothing’s biting. If you get 1) wait and wait and wait until it say “Oh! A bite!” THEN press A once. Continue until you see “A pokemon is on the hook!” If you press it during the dots or too early/late after the message appears, the battle will not be initiated. If you are successful, you will battle a pokemon or a Magikarp. Oh wait, Magikarp are pokemon too…I thought they were just useless. 

How Good/Bad this is!
Probably a deprovement from the previous Pokemon games since you actually have to DO STUFF to fish. Before, all you had to do was choose the rod and wait for stuff to bite. But now…

Anyways, it is pretty frustrating after a while because it just takes that much longer to catch pokemon by fishing. On the other hand, fishing finally became a minigame. I give it a 4.5/10 because it is the most tedious/boring way of catching pokemon/fish EVER. ARGH JUST GIVE ME A HORSEA ALREADY.

If you had to choose from death by strangulation/other violent means or death by fishing in Pokemon Emerald, choose this game. It’ll take about 400 years to kill someone with tiny pixel dots, but man, this stuff is mind killing after about 5 minutes.

This is a pretty terrible dot waitan, “A” butan pressan, pokemon/fish battlan fishan gaem.

5. Lost in Blue 2 (Island survival; Nintendo DS)
Such an underappreciated game…I forgot about it myself until I had to write this post. YOW.

How to Get!
Fishing Spear Method: Find a Stick, sharpen it. Wooden Spear A get! (There are stronger variations of the spear that you can make later on, but those should be saved for killing wolves and stuff instead.)

Fishing Rod Method: Take a stick, tree vine, and sharpened bone to make the rod! That is it…(I’ve personally never done this yet, so I don’t know how it really works..)

How to Play!
Fishing Spear Method: Equip the spear, go near a body of water, press Use, then stab the fish with your spear. (Use the stylus and poke the fish.) Fish get!

Fishing Rod Method: I don’t really understand how to do it, but you can watch the video linked from the image below…Sorry ;A; 


Spears in MY fishing? Thank god it's not Britney. The video here links to Rod Fishing.

Spears in MY fishing? Thank god it's not Britney. The video here links to Rod Fishing.


How Good/Bad it is!
Extremely simple system, but extremely fun. It is really intuitive, and really just like fishing with a spear! I’m not sure if rod fishing is just as fun, though…

If you are waiting at the doctor’s office for your turn, and you can either read a magazine or play this game, choose to play this game. It is fun! I give it a 8.5/10 because it is extremely simple and efficient. Spear fishing, anyways. D:

I took some points off because it is SO simple that there is almost no depth at all, plus you can’t REALLY catch ’em all (there are different types of fish though, and makes a difference when you cook it)…neverthless, incredibly intuitive and smoooooth.

Very awesome and cool spear pokan fishan gaem, but rod fishan, arrow pressan fishan method might be fun too. 

Yow, this turned out longer than I expected! Hopefully it wasn’t too boring or anything. I expect that it is more exciting to read than a playlog post, yes? Expect another post in a few days! I’m trying to post every other day for MASSIVE ACTIVITY.



  1. tl;dr

    Just kidding! I like that you summarized them up and I thought this was a really cool post! And at least Britney Spears isn’t as bad as she was a few years ago… ;P

  2. 4.5 seems a little high for Pokemon fishing =P

    unfortunately, it seems you haven’t played Breath of Fire 3, meaning you missed out on the best fishing mini-game in existence.

  3. Oh that silly Britney…Will she do it again?

    Hojo, I believe that is your cue to do a fishing game review of your own…with the games I didn’t feature :’D I’d like to see how BoF3’s will rival Okami’s!

  4. The best SHMUP fishing game is Sora no Shoujo: Ballistic Air Missile‘s fishing game. Gotta love it.

    You need to play more Zelda and chill with their fishing games. Pretty good stuff! Much better than…Pokemon, at least.

  5. I remember the Big the Cat’s fishing levels in Sonic Adventure 1. It was one of my least favorite parts of that game.

    Zelda does fishing better.

  6. Splatterhouse fishing:
    Monster fish jump at you from out of the lake. You punch them dead.

    This article’s pretty much on the money, though. Has polymetrica played one of those “arcade” fishan gaems, like Sega Bass Fishing? Wonder what her opinion on one of those would be, heh.

  7. it’s been a while since i played BoF3. i’d have to pop it in again, and then find other games with fishing in it. too much work.

    i remember a bar with a tension window that varied depending on the size of the fish. the harder fish would sturggle left and right on the bar, and you’d have to move the tension window along with it, lest the line would break. the fishing game is something like that, if i recall. but it’s pretty awesome and nets some good items.

  8. Wow, I can’t believe you just wrote a whole segment on Fishan Gaemz.

    Have you ever looked at an old instruction booklet for Pokemon Red/Blue? Out of pure lulz, the fishing thing says, “HO! A HIT!”


  10. mash MASH MASH.

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