Minh T – Overview on Earth Defense Force 2017 for the 360

January 31, 2009

June 6th, 2017.
To my son that I have never met,

This is your biological father writing. If you have received this letter, it means that I did not make it. I have instructed your mother that if anything happens to me, she has to deliver this letter to you on your 15th birthday. At the time I’m writing this, you, my son, have not been born yet. But in 15 years, I imagine you grown up to be a strong handsome son, both in body and spirit. And now it is time for you to know who I am, your father, and about my past.

I am a soldier in the Storm Squadron of the Earth Defense Force infantry. I have no name, I’m only referred as Storm 1. I have no special abilities, no special talent, no special power. I can carry only two weapons at a time with unlimited ammunition, and I do most missions on foot. I’m also qualified to pilot these following four vehicles, but I hardly use them: the combat tank E551 Gigantus, the SDL2 Airbike, the combat helicopter EF24 Bazelato, and the battle mech Vegalta.

This is me fighting against waves of Terror Ants. Im being outnumbered.

This is me fighting against waves of Terror Ants. I'm being outnumbered.

I’m not particularly a brave soldier neither, there are times when I can get scared and just run away in a battlefield because everyone else in my party is dead. However, my will to survive is stronger than anything else. If I had anything special, that would be it.

Which is why I fight against the alien invaders, dubbed the Ravagers. They came to Earth to annihilate us all. They came to destroy humanity. And somehow, in the middle of the city which now has become a battlefield, I survived through seemingly impossible situations when the odds were greatly against me.

An overview look of the city infested of giant bugs, with me piloting that Bazelato.

An overview look of the city infested of giant bugs, with me piloting that Bazelato.

Like when the Terror Ants and Assault Spiders, those giant bugs of the size of a helicopter each, had outnumbered me over 100 to 1. Their numbers were overwhelming. Yet, once I defeated them, the Flying Saucers, which hovered over the city, opened their hatches to deploy more of these acid-spitting bugs into a never-ending battle until I destroyed those transport ships with a sniper rifle called the Lysander. On top of that, I had to deal with the Ant Queens and the Spider Kings which were ten times the size of their insects.

Or like when me and my squadron were going in the frontline against the Ravagers’ Quadruped Fortress, the near-invincible gargantuous four-legged walking ground vehicle that was taller than the city’s highest skyscraper, The Fortress was equipped with an energy force field, close-range lasers, and two 150-meter plasma cannons that can turn a quarter of the city into ashes in matters of mere seconds. To make the matter worse, they could deploy dozens of Walking-Arms “Hector”, these bipedal robots as tall as a building of 10 floors, were armed with a plasma-based gatling gun and a long-range plasma cannon.

This is me going against several Hectors.

This is me going against several Hectors.

Or like when the alien sent, not one, but two massive-sized Dino-mechs called Vallaks. These dinosaur-inspired creatures were extremely resistant to any attack, they could run at extraordinary speed and their fire breath were devastating. It took us everything we had to take them down, but at great sacrifices.

I have survived all that. And I still fight. I fight to protect my wife, and you, my unborn son. I fight to protect your future. With that determination in mind, I was able to have the strength within me to keep my sanity and stay alive.

This is me getting shot by lasers from the Walking Fortress. Not a pretty sight. But I survived that.

This is me getting shot by lasers from the Walking Fortress. Not a pretty sight. But I survived that.

I remember when I first joined the EDF. They gave me two weapons, an assault rifle and a rocket launcher, and I was wearing a poor armor of 200 hit points. The alien threats were divided into 5 classes: Easy, normal, hard, hardest, inferno. I started with Class Easy missions because my equipments were poor. But little by little, my armor became better and my weapon arsenal became bigger as I picked up armor upgrades and weapons randomly dropped by killing Ravagers. Now, my armor has over 6000 hit points and I own 171 weapons which are classified into 7 types: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Missile, Grenade, and Special Weapon. I am now ready for mission 53, my last mission as an EDF soldier.

Tomorrow, me and the remaining surviving soldiers are going all-out attack on the Ravagers’ Mothership, and I pray for our success, for the future of mankind.

Me in my Vegalta against two Dino-Mechs

Me in my Vegalta against two Dino-Mechs. Are you proud of me, my son?

My son, we have never met, but know that I love you and your mother very much. Are you enjoying a peaceful era where you don’t have to risk your life everyday? I dearly hope so. No matter what happens in your life, I hope you are happy. When you’re feeling down, read this letter, it will surely give you strength to overcome any obstacle that may be in your way. Remember my son, in our blood runs the will to survive.

Love, Dad
PS – I’ve enclosed several pictures for you to see what your father looked like.
PPS – In case you’re wondering, my lifelong dream is to become a member of the Earth Defender Freshmen.



  1. The son grew up to be an modern artist in Manhattan.

    Earth Defense Force seems hard. =O

  2. GOD, Minty.

    You’re REALLY tempting me to get this game now. And god dammit, it’s working. D:

  3. @Kotei – Game isn’t hard if you’re playing on Easy or Normal difficulty. Inferno however is hell.

    @Mach – It’s only $20 for pure simple fun. You can also play 2-player splitscreen co-op. No Xbox LIVE though.

  4. Unfortunately, I gotta save up some money, so no go on the buy yet, but I’ll buy it when I’ve saved up some cash.

  5. I always get excited when I see the name “Earth Defense Force” because I think it’s the one for the SNES, but it never is. :[

    I might look into it though!

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