Kibou – Rig of Fail

February 5, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaWow, it feels like I haven’t posted in forever…Maybe it’s because a lot of people posted last week, but whatever?! 

Anyways, time for an extremely TRENDY, show off-y post! This is the rig post that everyone and their goats did a while back. Let me on that bandwagon already! I took pictures of both (the less fugly part of) my room and “my”…rec room. Kind of picture intensive, but really, I’m just lying! 



Room of Doom

This is the more...presentable part of my room. IMPRESSED YET?! Oh, and click on the pictures for a bigger version.

This is the more...presentable part of my room. IMPRESSED YET?! Oh, and click on the pictures for a bigger version.

Say hello to my desk and bookcase, both from that Swedish giant named IKEA. I love both! (Not really…) Notice how the bookcase is all girly (Pink junk everywhere!) while the desk..isn’t (as much). This is what happens when one is too cheap to replace everything. Oh money, why am I so reluctant to spend you…If you are curious, that cut off poster in the middle is of B-wanted, some dumb shoujo manga series I used to be obsessed with. Eek. 

This is where I do all my procrast- er, homework! Uh, yeah! I should name this area Desk of Productivity. (Not)

This is where I do all my procrast- er, homework! Uh, yeah! I should name this area "Desk of Productivity". (Not)

y helo thar, Desk. This is where I sit in front of for extended periods of time. I used to never sit here…until I bought me that laptop. And wait, what are those pokemen doing..?!?! Most likely deletan my filez, pesky vermins. Or not. D: Also, that rack behind my laptop is where I keep all my homework, and the pile of junk beside the GBA SP is my “Now Reading” pile. It consists mostly of newspapers. Oh, and that…shelf (?) with the tissue box is for storing dictionaries, agenda planners, and bank statements. My Italian dictionary will be in there soon…

One of the girliest parts of my room...wait, there are no girls on the internet! Also, a pink dumpling appeared.

One of the girliest parts of my room...wait, there are no girls on the internet! Also, a pink dumpling appeared?! RUUUUN.

Ta-da, my bookcase! This shelf has little to do with vidya gaemz but obviously I wanted to show off. Last time I counted I had like…65 manga tankoubon there. This doesn’t include them manga magazines in the middle! Also, can you tell that I used to have a Nintendo Power subscription..? I really want to recycle them right now BUT I CANNOT. 

Shelf contents (starting from top shelf):

1. Old teen novels, CDs, piggy bank full of HK monies, graphic calculator, failtrophy (I got this from graduating from Chinese school what…). 

2. CLAMP manga collection (I don’t like them anymore ;A;), Sailormoon manga (hidden behind basket of more stuffed junk), more manga from my childhood, figure busts, Pikachu who used to be able to move/talk if you clapped but ran out of batteries.

3. Manga magazines (Hong Kong-ese equivalent to Nakayoshi), NP magazines, 900+ bookmarks, pencil bag of dried out pens.

4. More manga/light novels (series I don’t have more than 1-2 volumes of), books from Spain, playing cards, box of rocks, dumpling plush…(wat).

Bonus points to whoever can name name the CDs in the top shelf and/or find my copy of Senko no Ronde. :’D I’ll give out points for naming the most manga too. GO.

Aaaaaaaaand please don’t ask me why I have a book called “Names for Boys & Girls”. 

I like cartridges because they are small and easy to store! (Except the battery also dies after a while yow)

I like cartridges because they are small and easy to store! (Except the battery also dies after a while yow)

Quite possibly the only vidya gaem-y thing in my room besides my DS! Here’s my entire GB/GBC/GBA collection ever! 40% of the bag consists of the GBA charger SO it is indeed at a Quite Pitiful status, but you don’t have to tell me that…




Wow, I don’t know if that title sounds ominous or interesting…maybe both. Anyways, this is a room in my basement. I spend my entire weekends in front of the Sony CRT TV. It is terrific! Funnily enough, the Gamecube is hooked up to the LCD TV, so when I preyed Custom Robo, I had it all widescreen and stuff, but honestly, I prefer playing games in that old Sony TV because MOTION BLUR GALORE on the LCD. I nearly got motion sickness from playing Tales of the Abyss on the LCD. Never again…The best part about this room, besides the presence of a PS2, is that armchair. I could curl up there for ages! (And be unable to walk, but that’s okay) 

A pretty lame setup...that table is actually almost baby-sized!

A pretty lame setup...that table is actually almost baby-sized!

Sorry about the crappy writing on the big version of the picture…Text boxes are such a hassle! I’m aware that “now”‘s “n” looks like an “h”. How preyan ;A;

So this is the REAL rig. It’s a little pitiful, and kind of fail because I forgot to take a game box off of the PS2 before I took a picture…but oh well?! I’m not much of a veteran preyer, so I only have two consoles, the GC being my first ever UNhandheld platform. I let my brother use the consoles too, but really, both were MY birthday presents. What irritates me the most about my brother using it is that he plays a MILLION crappy games on the PS2. Last week he got Mountain Bike Adrenaline for $25. AHHHHHHH GOOD MONEY WASTED. 

I like borrowan gaemz moar. (But really, Im just cheap ;A;)

Here, have an excuse as to why my collection is so small: I like borrowan gaemz moar. (But really, I'm just cheap ;A;)

Here is my “collection” of games. (I dubbed it “Faillection”) It is extremely pitiful for 2 reasons: 1) It is tiny compared to most people on the Backloggery, and some of them are borrowed 2) It has a lot of crappy games. Names of the games here: 

GC – Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Mario Party 4, Animal Crossing, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, Pokemon Colosseum (borrowed, defective), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Custom Robo (borrowed), Super Smash Brothers Melee

PS2 – Persona 3:FES, Okami, Xenosaga Ep.I, Castle Shikigami II, Odin Sphere, Tales of the Abyss, Gran Turismo 4, Chu- (CANNOT…FINISH…TITLE), Persona 4, Heatseeker, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2, Mountain Bike Adrenaline.

Guess which ones are mine! 

So yeah, that’s all the game-y stuff I have in my house…This post turned out longer than I expected, but hopefully it wasn’t THAT tl;dr. I already have an idea (or 15) for what to write on the next post but I am a slooooooooooooooowcat. UNTIL THEN, STAY TUNED.



  1. wa–NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 2…..

    (nice rig)

  2. WHOA NELLY. The desk contained the spread of the pink.

    Points should be awarded to those who can name the two Gundam busts up there. The blond chick and the guy dressed like an Earth Federation Soldier (because I want to know myself).

    Lastly, rofl Mountain Bike Adrenaline.

  3. Bottom shelf, the last item to the far right, behind those playing cards, i spot Senko.

    Also, awesome game setups, having two TVs, wow.. i’m jealous. I still need an HDTV for my 360.

  4. @Seijika : Sayla Mass and Sleggar Law

    That armchair looks really cozy! And I already told you that I like your room! :]

  5. Daww, Hello Kitty :3

  6. Nice rig…

    My desk is one big mess.

  7. I must say, I love your gaming rig. Totally beats mine where I have to walk to a different room just to play HD games.

  8. You are awesome for all of that Pokémon stuff and I love you forever.

  9. Oh god. That setup is far from fail, missy.

  10. I lol’d at how the most noticeable thing in the picture is the CANADIAN book.

    Hooray, cool points. I’d try to guess moar, but the failcase picture is blurry. ; A; I spy some Clover and Chobits though, as well as a big CARDCAPTOR.

    Eh, at least your rig isn’t horribly cluttered like mine. orz||

  11. Your desk is so neat! Mine is like a warzone, lol.
    I see ARIA down on the bottom level of your shelf. <333

    And awesome setup, I wish I had two TVs. :<

  12. Yow, comments galore! Thanks so much for reading this post?! I love you all…

    +10 points to Minty and +5 to MechaGojira! You guys both get 8 letters of pixels: Congrats. (Or something else if you really want a prize…)

    >>Minty: This is what happens when you live with your parents! There’s a better LCD TV upstairs but that is for TVing. So sad! P4 would look so awesome on it.

    >>Dan: What pokemon stuff! Actually, this post made me realize just how much of it there was in my room. I feel so juvenile now. D’:

    >>Noi: Haha, I was wondering who would comment on that since BIG GREEN NEON TEXT is pretty eyecatching yow. Can you tell I’m in Canada?! Whoo, Clover, Chobits, and Cardcaptor indeed!

    >>Temmy: It’s probably uncluttered because I made room for my laptop. Otherwise there would be papier and textbooks everwhere ;A; Righto, that is ARIA! I also have 2 (bootleg) artbooks of that but it is hidden orz.

  13. wow, nice room

  14. 2nd’ing your motion on the dubbing of your game collection as “Faillection” due to the highly non-alphabetized order of it. at least they’re still separated by console.


    i like how you moved Pikachu from your desk on the wide pic to your bookshelf for the bookshelf pic.

  15. Does alphabetizing even matter? =P

    Motion rejected!

  16. What a nice rig you have there, Kibou! I really like how organized it is, and nice gaming corner!

    & pikachus!

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