February 10, 2009


_i just played R·Type Dimensions. i played R·Type on Classic mode for about 6 hours. without dying, the game is beatable in about 20 minutes. i got to the checkpoint of the 7th stage. i spent 4 hours on stages 5-through-half-of-7. i spent a full hour on the checkpoint halfway through stage 7 without ever reaching the boss. it was the hardest thing i’ve ever played. there’s a stage 8.

_check out this page.

_that’s the Backloggery game page for R-Type.

_104 people on the Backloggery own R-Type in some way, shape or form.

_of those 104 people, 3 of them don’t actually own R-Type, for they have it listed as being owned on the SNES, which the game was never released on, and they most likely actually own Super R-Type, giving us only 101 people that have R-Type in some way shape or form.

_discounting the “toned down due to hardware limitations” version found on the Game Boy and the 1 Mobile Phone entry (no offense to those guys, but i’m just looking for the Arcade perfect or close to it versions), the number goes down to 83.

_of those 83 people, 13 people have beaten the game, a whopping 15.6%.

_of those 13 people, 3 of them did it on “Arcade-Ownership: Other,” meaning that save states were most likely abused.

_that leaves us with at most 10 legit beats on this game throughout the entire site, giving us a whopping 87.5% unbeaten. the VC percentage is depressing, with only 2 people out of 43 having beaten it, and with 4 people having gone so far as to Null it.

_now, it’s time for more stats and % fun as we compare the Unbeaten percentage to other games popular websites have labeled as “Extremely Hard.” as i don’t actually want to sift through all of these game pages in the same way i did R·Type, we’ll be comparing the %’s to R-Type’s game page percentage of 75%

_let’s start with the first one i find on Google…Gametrailers.

  • Contra: 30.3% unbeaten (amount of Konami code beats=unknown)
  • Zelda 2: 48.6% unbeaten
  • Castlevania: 51.8% (includes some LOL64 versions, but VC+NES averages out to about the same…64 version has a high Unbeaten % too, but i’m not sure if that’s more out of difficulty or bad game)
  • Devil May Cry 3: 49.2% (who knows how many SE’s are in there)
  • Shinobi (PS2):  71.3%
  • Ikaruga: 65.1%
  • F-Zero GX: 52.8%
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 (360): 66.7% (highest out of the series)
  • Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts: 63.2%
  • Battletoads (NES): 70.7%
  • MDK2: 70.5%
  • Mega Man: 30.7% (this and MDK2 were the lone differences between GT and IGN lists…nice Ctrl+C/Ctrl+P job guyz)

_now for some other various fun entries…

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES): 59.6%
  • Blaster Master: 67.9%
  • The Adventures of Bayou Billy: 57.9%
  • Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (+Punch-Out!!): 56%
  • Gradius: 59.4%
  • Comix Zone: 68.1%
  • God Hand: 65.1%

_now, for something a little different…

  • Final Fantasy VII (+7): 26.5%
  • Super Mario World: 20.1
  • Goldeneye 007 (+Goldeneye): 21.2%
  • Halo: 20%
  • Splinter Cell: 48.1%
  • Space Channel 5: 50.6%
  • Threads of Fate: 43.2%
  • Indigo Prophecy: 48.4%
  • Okami: 64.4%
  • Dragon Warrior VII: 67.6%
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne: 74%
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: 57.4%

_the first 4 are there to show the what the Unbeaten percentage of a “super popular game everyone has played and beaten” looks like. the next 4 are all less popular on the site, but not obscure, owned by 150-250 people. the last 4 show that really long games usually have pretty high U%. from these numbers, we can surmise that a game hovering around or below 25% unbeaten is pretty easy, the 40%-50% zone is a bit of a gray area, but usually isn’t too bad. once you hit 60%, however, you should expect a long and/or difficult affair. and if a game sits at 70% U…watch. the. fuck. out.

_it’s also worth noting that if the farther you go in a franchise, the U% tends to rise, as people instinctively want to play a series in order. examples are the Arc the Lad and Suikoden series.

_so, a blog that started out being about how hard R·Type just turned into a way to figure out what Unbeaten games you can hammer out with little difficulty via a semi-working formula.

_fun fact: Eternal Poison had the highest U% out of any game in my collection owned by 50+ people, sitting currently and 92.2%…wow. now i NEED to start playing again and play it to the end. Galaga Legions is next with 84.9%, followed by Gunvalryrie with 83.1%. the lowest U%-Pokemon Blue at 9.4%, just edging out SSBM’s 9.5%.

_and if you know of any other games with a high U%, feel free to let me know. this stuff really does intrigue me to no end.



  1. I would have gotten R-Type dimensions if I had my 360. Once i have it, count me in. I also need your help for some co-op achievments.

    Also, the highest unbeaten rate i’ve seen on backloggery is:

    Unlimited SaGa – 92.4% unbeaten

    only 14 has beaten/completed the game out of 183 entries.

  2. Eternal Poison still has it beat when the Nulls are brought into play. 3 finishes out of 115 entries makes for 97.39% Unfinished!

    that’s it…i’m picking EP back up when i clear my current Now Playing =P

  3. Forget R-Type. I’m bad at all of those kinds of games.

    Also, time to get Eternal Poison!

  4. I really really liked this post, hojo. I love seeing statistics that I can understand and writing about them, so this hit that fun nerve.

    Also, your post totally justifies why I sent Noi Super R-Type. The series IS balls hard. C’mon, sent back at a check point with no powerups if you die once? That’s brutally hard. D=

  5. I’m a big fan of shmups (R-Type included) even though I’m fairly terrible at them. I must enjoy the pain to some extent.

    To answer hojo’s query concerning high unfinished %, I checked my own collection, and came up with some relevant examples (all games I intend to beat and buck the trend):

    Baroque: 83.8%
    Breakdown: 80%
    Dino Crisis 3: 68.8% (damnably close)
    Ecco: 71.9%
    Siren: 81.3%

    All games that are hard, so no surprises there.

  6. That reminds me! I need to finish the first Castlevania on my Wii. I guess a lot of people get stuck on the second-to-last level. Death is the toughest boss in the game, but he would have been a lot easier if it wasn’t for the medusa heads right before you get to the boss fight. The reason I say this is because I’m stuck on that level the last time I played it.

    Here are some stats for Call of Duty 4:


  7. “46.5%, or 5,654,643 people have beaten the game on any difficulty.”

    Call of Duty 4’s beaten percentage on the Backloggery?

    77.6%, or 759 people have beaten the game on any difficulty.

    that’s all the proof i need to state that Backloggery gamers are better than average gamers.

  8. Call of Duty 4 is a bad example, since a large amount of people got it just for the multiplayer. That’s the game’s main focus, after all.

  9. Really interesting analysis you have here with the different % systems. One thing had me confused though.

    What’d you mean by “(this and MDK2 were the lone differences between GT and IGN lists…nice Ctrl+C/Ctrl+P job guyz)” ? Not sure I follow.

  10. “What’d you mean by “(this and MDK2 were the lone differences between GT and IGN lists…nice Ctrl+C/Ctrl+P job guyz)” ?”

    Gametrailers [GT] and IGN both have a “10 hardest games ev4r” lists, and the two lists share 8 out of 10 games. it felt like they just did a copy/paste and changed 2 entries to avoid plagiarism.

    though i guess it’s to be expected…games they listed are the typical games mentioned when people try to get attention by going “you think THIS is hard…check out this Battletoads video on teh youtub!”

    i’d rather see a “hardest games that aren’t any good” list, with stuff like Karate Kid and Bart’s Nightmare. or just more specialized lists that aren’t all the same thing.

  11. I’m a bit late with this, but I just bought a new game today called Gungriffon Blaze. After adding it to the backloggery, I took a look at the stats, and including my new addition, it has 26 unfinished, 1 null, and 1 beaten. That puts it at a 96.4% unbeaten ratio. Reading some reviews, people seem to say it’s pretty hard too, but maybe I’ll see if it actually is difficult, or something people don’t want to play.

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