Kibou – Random (&Angry?) Thinkings: Episode I

February 23, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaContrary to popular belief, I am indeed alive! I just haven’t been posting because I am uninteresting as usual. I actually started like 3 posts but they all turned out to be similar to excrement. Hmm!

Anyways, during this span of inactivity, I have beaten 3 games. Extremely productive of me on the gamepreyan front, but that unfortunately came at the expense of academia or whatever the heck they call it. Oh well!

So the games I beat were Saya no Uta, Persona 4, and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2. I am currently in a console game slump (thanks, P4!) so I’m just playing random DS things now, hoping that I can beat SOMETHING. This will be a pseudo final impressions + sorta now playing report thingamajig. The bandwagon, I jumped on it!

Stuff I’ll talk about: Saya no Uta, Persona 4, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2, Princess Debut.  Ctrl+F, I choose you!

Saya no Uta

Not really a game, as PXtW’s Endaso’s review of it may tell you, but still a pretty cool thing to “play”. (Or read, whatever) I won’t go in depth about what the story is about, but I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially how some of the characters became progressively more terrible and unwavering in doing evil things. I love evil things!

The only thing I really don’t like about this are the H-scenes, which a) don’t fit in at all and b) are really dumb. Like REALLY, who the hell cares about that stuff. Certainly not me.

My favourite character was either Ryouko or Saya, the former because she has a great gun, and the other because she is just cool (read: evil).

Persona 4

After beating this game I had little to obsess over with…and it was a terrible feeling. Anyways, this game is ultra easy, and I was surprised that I was only frustrated once, throughout the entire game! What a first!

For those who are wondering, I was stuck on the Normal final boss and fought him ~7 times (and lost ~6 times) because I didn’t want to go do more training. Man how stupid! After training for about 20 minutes I was able to beat him with ease. Should’ve done that earlier…

All in all this is an extremely excellent game and everyone should play it. In my opinion the game shines not because of its gameplay elements (since it’s really just an easier version of Persona 3), but rather the stuff around which the game is structured, aka the story, characters, dialogue. It’s been a while since I’ve liked 90% of the characters in an RPG and actually remembered quotes/names/plot, so…yeah.

Also, the music is just so impeccable that you just have to play the game to understand its impact. Merely hearing the music on Youtube does NOTHING and it’s not until you hear it in the game that it drives you mad with obsession. Now everytime I walk out to a sunny day “Your Affection” repeats over and over in my head.

Here is an exhausting list of my P4 stats/faves:

Clocked at: ~74 hours
11 s.links maxed: Fool, Judgement, Magician, Priestess, Emperor, Chariot, Hermit, Fortune, Death, Tower, Star
End P.level: 80
Battling party: Yousuke (permanent), Teddie (permanent), Kanji (sometimes replaced with Naoto when I have the patience for her.)

Favourite personae: Sarasvati, Mara, Setanta, Trumpeter
Favourite skill that was fused into all my personae: Invigorate 2
Favourite Follow-up Attack: Chie’s Galactic Punt
Favourite All-out Attack artwork: Naoto

Least favourite…thing of the game: Mitsuo Kubo

Favourite characters:
1. Yousuke (!!!)
2. Teddie
3. Kanji, Nanako
4. Rise, Naoto
5. Yukiko
6. Dojima
7. Chie, Adachi

Favourite dungeons:
1. Heaven
2. Magatsu Inaba
3. Striptease + Yomotsu Hirasaka
4. Sauna + Void Quest
5. Secret Lab
6. Castle

Favourite tracks:
1. Heaven, A Corner of Memories
2. Your Affection, Long Way
3. Heatbeat, Heartbreak, Corridor, The Almighty
4. Pursuing My True Self, Signs of Love, Backside of the TV

Favourite S.Links:
1. Death
2. Fortune
3. Emperor
4. Star

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2 (aka 燃えろ!熱血リズム魂 押忍!闘え!応援団2)

The only reason why I started playing this game in the first place is because Hirai Ken’s Pop Star is in this game. I was so obsessed with that I tried out this game just because it was in it…

Since I had a really negative impression of the franchise with my failing at Elite Beat Agent’s first song’s first 10 seconds, I was going to unlock the song and then stop playing, and then I figured that I wanted to unlock the song’s Hard Mode version! …and to unlock Hard Mode I had to beat Normal Mode, so that’s what happened.

This game caused me great frustration in the form of Kishidan’s Zoku and hyde’s COUNTDOWN. The former was an extremely fun song, but I just really suck at tapping, and the former was…honestly a mashup of noise pretending to be music. I despise that song muchly. The last stage drove me insane as well because I kept dying all the time at 15 seconds to the end. Incredibly frustrating, but when I beat it, it was like HOOOOOOOOOOOORAH.

All in all a pretty cool game, but I would not come back for more…unless it’s for Pop Star.

Favourite songs in order:
1. Pop Star
2. Zoku
3. Julia ni Shoshin
4. Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobundaze
5. Bambina
6. Zenryoku Shounen

Princess Debut

The only reason I’m not running away from the fact that it is labeled with a Natsume label is because the game is ridiculously easy, so I can get a quick Beat for it. A really terrible reason, but whatever.

But yeah, I…really don’t think anyone should play this game for fun. Everything about it is either mediocre or downright poor. The concept sounds pretty cool at first (dating sim  + dancing/rhythm game), but it does both parts badly.

The dating sim part is extremely stupid because once you get a partner, you can’t switch AT ALL. What the crap!

The rhythm part is really dumb too. Sure, there are stylus tracing things set to music, but nothing is choreographed, as in, the stylus motions don’t really correspond to the music, and you can beat the entire game with the volume turned off, making it not a rhythm game at all.

Oh, and the level of redundancy of this game is just…extremely high. You have to play a song for like 4-5 times to get a new song, and the songs are so easy they’re ace-able on the first try. They label songs with different difficulty levels…but I see little difference. The only times I get Bads are when I try to type on MSN while playing.

Perhaps the only thing that is remotely tolerable in this game are the animu portraits…and even then they are just mediocre and generic.

Cave, please go back to developing SHMUPs instead of making stuff like this. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

Wow, long post is long. If you read all that, you get to breath some complimentary air, courtesy of me!



  1. A major thing with Persona 4’s character appeal is the infinitely-better-than-P3’s group dynamics, as a friend related to me. In P3 you practically never hung out with the other members of SEES except when exploring Tartarus and, uh, Yakushima. Hell, the male members of SEES didn’t even get Social Links.
    Totally different in P4. Your teammates-and-friends actually get together like, well, -ftriends-. In fact, you even hang out with multiple Social Links at a time, a pleasant surprise.

    Congratulations on beating Ouendan 2. Time for Cheerleader difficulty, amirite? ;D

    Oh dear gods. Princess Debut. WHO WAS IT THAT TRICKED ME INTO PLAYING IT…? Rebellion, I think. Aside from that bit of idiocy, CAVE developed it? That’s news to me… Baaad news.

  2. I’m glad you stuck it through for Ouendan 2, it’s quite dandy. The more I played it the more I loved the music (except for Countdown and Go My Screech).

    Oh my Julia, oboete’ru kai? Oretachi mite’ta yumeee-*shot*

  3. I think I’ll pick up where I left off in Persona 4 once I finish Eternal Sonata. My head hurts from the plot in ES so far, and it’s only going to get worse. I’m not going to bother explaining it to you. It’s for the best.

  4. “Oh dear gods. Princess Debut. WHO WAS IT THAT TRICKED ME INTO PLAYING IT…? Rebellion, I think. Aside from that bit of idiocy, CAVE developed it? That’s news to me… Baaad news.”


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