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_hojo:DDRMAX rocks anything that rhymes with “rocks”

April 28, 2009

hojo.artcore_up until a couple months ago, i hadn’t played Dance Dance Revolution, from here on shortened to DDR, in numerous years. DDR is arguably the most well-known Bemani game (Konami’s line of rhythm games) in the US, and arguably the most popular one as well. it’s a nice entry-level rhythm game, and is often used as a stepping stone to bigger and better harder things [lol bigger and harder]. i, like many others before me, had followed that path. DDR sparked my interest in other games, and i started to go to the arcade and dabbled in Guitar Freaks, drummania, and a lot of beatmania IIDX. eventually, my enthusiasm for DDR shrank as my new-found enthusiasm for IIDX grew. combine that with the at-the-time sparse arcade releases, and the fact that i’m a lazy fat-ass that gets easily fatigued from the kind of movement that DDR demands…i eventually stopped playing and fell out of the DDR scene altogether.

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April 17, 2009


_Ninja Gaiden. we all played it when we were younger. but not because of word of mouth. it wasn’t like…our friends played it, and the next day, during lunch recess, they were all like “OMG guyz, i played this game…it was fucking amazing!” no…that wasn’t what made us play it. and it wasn’t because of great reviews. we didn’t read have the internet. IGN couldn’t tell us “too hard, sux” back then. no…we all played it for the same reason…we went to the local video game rental store, saw a fucking ninja on the front, and said “that’s all i need to see. this is the rental winner.” or maybe you were lucky, and your parents took you to Toys’r’us, and you went “ninja!” then grabbed the little paper slip for it. then you probably did that whole thing at recess, only everyone had already played it too. i mean…shit. it had a cool ass NINJA on the cover. of COURSE they rented it! get with the times, man!

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Kibou – Luxurious Thinkings: Ep II

April 1, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaThis post is actually only going to be about one game, so it’ll go into more-ish detail than normal. (Sorry, that was a lie. I meant a HECK of a lot more detail.)

That one game is Lux-Pain, an adventure novel thing for the DS. Official site here.

I initially wanted to play this game because 1) PRETTY ART and 2) it’s an adventure game, and those are usually short. I ¬†actually kind of expected Lux-Pain to be something great because of its srs bsns look and cool designs, but…lol.

Anyways, this game was way more amusing than people had me think it would be, except its…humour is not exactly intentional. I do love making my own fun!

Since this is a really long post, I don’t expect anyone to read more than a sentence or two of it, so if you’re just wanting to see if the game is right for you, just CRTL+Ftl;dr” to find the entire post in one concise statement or two! Handy! (Or not?)

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