Kibou – Luxurious Thinkings: Ep II

April 1, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaThis post is actually only going to be about one game, so it’ll go into more-ish detail than normal. (Sorry, that was a lie. I meant a HECK of a lot more detail.)

That one game is Lux-Pain, an adventure novel thing for the DS. Official site here.

I initially wanted to play this game because 1) PRETTY ART and 2) it’s an adventure game, and those are usually short. I  actually kind of expected Lux-Pain to be something great because of its srs bsns look and cool designs, but…lol.

Anyways, this game was way more amusing than people had me think it would be, except its…humour is not exactly intentional. I do love making my own fun!

Since this is a really long post, I don’t expect anyone to read more than a sentence or two of it, so if you’re just wanting to see if the game is right for you, just CRTL+Ftl;dr” to find the entire post in one concise statement or two! Handy! (Or not?)

Do you want to play this game yet?!

Do you want to play this game yet?! Click on the picture to see the COOLIO full art.

When I first started up the game, I watched the intro movie, and I was like “WHOAAAAA The song is in Japanese! Sweet!”. Good impression get…and then I started the game.

The new game didn’t seem like a new game at all since it just threw me into the middle of things. Things that I do not understand yet D’: This woman was telling me to check out some building and I was thinking “What the hell am I doing where are the menus what is the story where am I!!” The next thing that I thought was “Have these people never heard of tutorials at all?!”, and I was right. There are absolutely no tutorials in this game, and I was just expected to know how to find worms and to know what SILENT means. Thanks guys! 

But fortunately these developers or whoever they are aren’t too brutal and gives you access to a database of terminology. 80% of which were translated with mediocrity, or course! Except it took me about an episode to figure out that such a database existed. It also took me about the same time to figure out how to freaking SAVE THE GAME. Everything is so hidden it’s not funny.  At least it’s not hard to figure out how to pull out worms or whatever. \o/

Oh, speaking of the translation, it’s both the best and worst part of the game. The translation isn’t so bad that it’s the same as reading “uefsd” in place of “hello”, but the grammar is really simple and so I kept re-translating the text into Japanese in my head…And I’m terrible at Japanese. 

Other terrible things about the translation:

1. They seem to be trying REALLY hard to be dramatic, but they fail since they use a lot of cheesy adjectives. 

To give you a sense of what I mean by this, here’s part of the first few lines of the game, unmodified: 

The boy has beautiful ash hair & a feminine white face, but his black, shining eyes are especially unforgettable. Anyone who looks into his eyes are met with the feeling they are being hit with a strong searchlight. 

The funniest thing about this is that when Atsuki’s character portrait appears he looks CONFUSED. No searchlights hitting anyone there!

Go on, hit me with your searchlights!

Go on, hit me with your searchlights, dude on the left!

2. They are trying REALLY hard to save space or something, because they almost ALWAYS use “&” instead of “and” in lists and “1000s” instead of “thousands”. There are a lot of other examples too, but you get the idea. 

3. They make a lot of spelling mistakes, holy crap. I think that there is something wrong with a word every 10 text boxes or so. Don’t play this game if you are a grammar/spelling nazi. IT WILL MAKE YOU HEADDESK. Examples include: “exagerration”, “a handfull”, “…been under alot of stress” and “…but her bluntness is a good think, I suppose”

4. They translated quite literally from the Japanese sometimes. An example would be “The boy who was playing near the convenience store in Area 6 was seen by Hoshino” or something along the lines of that. 

Did they even hire an editor/proofreader/TRANSLATOR?! Honestly! Stop using Babel Fish already!

The funny thing about the translation is that they use a lot of…odd phrases that I usually use, so I keep thinking that Lux-Pain could have been the product of my translation in a seperate dimension. Examples include: “What the crap!” and “Lies!”. They also use “terrible” a lot. Tee hee. 

There are also some…curious dialogue/descriptions. :’D Aoi (a teacher) said this: “Ryo has a tough guy image” when this is Ryo, and trust me, his character corresponds with his character design. Also, a description of the area outside the school grounds yielded this line: “…has a fountain that gives off minus ions”.


More eye-chandy. This is the box art image. Cute!

Can it be searchlight time nao??? Sorry, I just couldn't help it. D':

I do genuinely enjoy the game, though, because its characters are waaaaaaaay cool/funny. They seem pretty much like stereotypes at first, but their dialogue and personality are so funny, especially Mika and Ryo. 

Mika is this blue-haired girl who seems like she should be on the sports team if she was in a harem anime, but instead is a reporter who skips class all the time to go reporting. The best thing about her is that she spazzes out a lot, which makes me lol because it’s always at the most random things. I don’t know why but I found that really funny! She’s also weird when she’s around Rui, because they both ask Atsuki the lamest questions without hesistation. (“Hey, what kind of hair do you like the most!!”) 

I dig Ryo (already linked before, but nobody cares) because he’s just plain funny, though not intentionally. He’s what he looks like – a bookworm, mature type. He also runs a used bookstore (kinda), and even though he seems like he should be at least 22, he acts silly, like locking himself out of the bookstore and wasting time in the morning trying to get his bag from it. In that scene he also said really random things like “Yeah, mornings are nice…but I’m too tired for them.” (or something along the lines of that?) I lol’d. 

Other funny characters include:

  • The news reporter (Is she REALLY not a Pokemon Gym Leader?!)
  • “Pumpkin Witch” Owner (lololol)
  • Reiji Takano (HIS HAAAAAAAAIR)

Also I ACTUALLY like (or tolerate?) the voice acting, since the majority of what I’ve heard sounded enthusiastic and mostly in character, contrary to what others have been saying. The lame thing about the voice acting is that it NEVER MATCHES THE TEXT. The text always scrolls slower than what is said, and the content matches only about 20% of the time. Good job @ coordinating, chums! Reminds me of Castle Shikigami 2, but the voices aren’t nearly as bad. I also keep hearing Rui’s voice as similar to Chie’s (P4) voice. Wat?!

Lastly, a list of other things I like:

  1. BBS cafe’s…BBS. The messages have all these JPN smilies that I really like. So awesome that they retained it! 
  2. Rank” titles. When you get experience from scratching stuff, you “level up” and your title changes. These all sound random, but COOL. (like Forincar, Visbea)
  3. Difficulty level. This part is non-existent because the only thing hard about this game is putting up with the loltranslation. :’D 
  4. Shinji Naruse. SO…CUTE…And terrible, whoo!
  • Current Status: Chapter 4, rank Visbea. 
  • Current Rating: So far is 6/10, but if I didn’t enjoy it, I would give it a 3/10. It would be of a totally TERRIBLE quality if the original game wasn’t so pretty. Honestly. 

tl;dr: This game is NOT for you if you’re expecting some deep and intellectual story. You might want to check it out if you’re into silly to ATROCIOUS translations, unintentionally funny characters, awesome art, and an easy Beat status. Oh, and the story may not make sense most of the time, but whatever, it’s just what the entire game is centered upon, right?!



  1. “Anyone who looks into his eyes are met with the feeling they are being hit with a strong searchlight.”

    I’d be shocked if I was being hit with a strong searchlight. It sure wakes you up in the middle of the night.

    Bad translations…unintentionally funny characters..awesome art….easy Beat status…sounds like something I would enjoy!

  2. My word, the translation sounds like reason enough to get this game and its interesting art style. Mika is der cute.

    Good show, cheerio.

  3. man, exactly. the translation is wretched – i had to turn off the voices because i can’t stand how they give completely different lines than the dialogue menus. the game is a mess with its total dry opening and obtuse mechanics.

    i’ll still probably finish it but the game has to be the result of people who wanted to make an anime very badly but couldn’t pull if off.

  4. I started this game actually, curious. Reminded me of Phoenix Wright’s series in a detective game sortof feel. I did’t stick around though , my focus is on other games for the time being.

  5. In the ciber they put Mako as “he” instead of “she”

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