Kibou – Things I Played in April and May

May 18, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaUmm, hello, contrary to popular belief, I am still at this blog. Lurking. Maybe. I’ve actually tried to write up like 3 posts but they all failed miserably (read: ended up being as “awesome” as Twilight lolol) Anyways, this post is just a playlog as usual…I have another post up my sleeve but that will take a while to compile (did I just rhyme!), so here’s something to break Seijika’s 3-post combo. C-c-c-combo breaker! That would be me. 

Also changed the title because “Month Playlog Number” is not a very enticing…title. Well, I guess this new one isn’t too creative either BUT HEY, I DIDN’T ASK YOU.

Games reported on: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (That game everyone is playing, aka Gundam Musou 2), Lux-Pain, Hoshizora no Comic Garden, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Ketsui: Death Label, and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. 

The post format for this will be in an um, image, but you can still ctrl+F to find explanations. 


Like I said, the post is an image, so here is the image, in huegtext so you will not miss it:

The image/comic/faildrawing

So yeah, that is the post. Can you tell that I am having too much fun with my new tablet? I apologize for getting lazy about the last panel all of the panels, and for the crappy/incomprehensible drawings, so here’s a little explanation.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

My struggle with beating Mission 4 on Loran’s Mission Mode. I had to beat Rosamia the giant mech while making sure that Ghingham (or was it Gingham, and do we care?), some ass of a character, stayed alive, but everytime I whittled Rosamia to about 2mm of HP either Ghingham or I died. I attempted this mission about 14 times. My rage was not pretty. 


Terrible translation, and the voice acting does not even match the text. Also raeg when I was trying to kill the “boss” for that stage beacuse nomatter how many times I tapped the freaking spots THEY DID NOT DISAPPEAR resulting in me depleting my HP bar and therefore dying. brb boycotting this game!

Hoshizora no Comic Garden

亮は俺の嫁!Also this game is really easy to understand tee hee. I dig. 

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Yeah, so apparently I did not turn on the game for 4 months, even though it seemed only like 2 to me D: I am in love with hats and now I visit it ever week to buy new hats/helmets/face accessories hahahahaha.

Ketsui: Death Label

Another raeg-inducing game! I was told by gamefags that I can unlock Death Label mode (my condition for marking this game as Beat) by getting to the 10th boss on Very Hard Mode, WHICH IS WHAT I DID, but I still did not unlock it. Also, you have no idea how much misery I went through just to get to Evacaneer (aka the 10th boss), just to be killed within 2 seconds by stray bullets. D’: Freaking Cinderella Amber (8th boss) ate up like 6 of my lives and THAT IS WHY. I hate Cinderella Amber so much I don’t even like things associated with the name Cinderella anymore. FFFFF

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria 

So after about 5 months of boycotting this game due to its unfairness and my inability to get good material to make good weapons I CAN KILL STUFF WITH, I was like “Okay I guess I’ll attempt it again”, and within 5 minutes ran into a bunch of freaking Ghost-type enemies THAT I COULD NOT KILL WITHOUT MAGIC, where Lezard was my only magic user. Needless to say I got wiped out. I really do hate this game D’:

Anyways, that’s most of the stuff I played since the last time I posted, I guess. D: I also played Shining Force EXA, but there’s not much to say about that except that I am plowing my way through the game. Killing armies of stuff with nothing in my way is such a satisfying feeling. (Contary to Gundam Musou 2 FFFFFFFFFFFF) Oh, and I also made progress in Yosumin (Almost typed Yousuke ahhh), but that game is pretty hard to explain since not everyone know how the puzzle works.

See you next next month…(or sooner, hopefully?)



  1. Holy smokes a posts~

    Ketsuiiii. I can’t get even close to anywhere on that game, so good job getting at least that far. D=

    w image. giant gundammmm

  2. At least the art is pretty for Lux-Pain. I bought the game last month and let a friend borrow it because I was too busy with other games. I played it for 20 minutes before I gave it to him. The voice acting burns.

    I got my copy back, although I won’t play it again for a while.

  3. Finally, a post!

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