Kibou – Things I Played in June (kinda)

June 19, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaMan, blogging seems to be untrendy or something these days because there haven’t been many posts, huh. Guess I will break that chain, this time with yet another playlog post kinda, but there are impressions and stuff as well, since I went and started MORE new games. What attention span!! Also, some of these games were actually played in May, but uh, details!

To be honest I have not been playing a lot of games lately, since I am slightly addicted to watching other people play games I will never get a chance to play for some reason, but I guess I am getting back into it, especially on the RPG front. It’s been so long since I played something that’s not a SHMUP/Frustrating Gundam game that I forgot what it was like not mashing X to win. Or something.

Games reported on (In no particular order): Shining Force EXA, Final Fantasy VI, Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, Beyond Good & Evil, Castle Shikigami 2, and Rhythm Tengoku Gold.

Shining Force EXA

Pretty close to beating this! Currently at Chapter 14 with Cyrille at lv.72 and Toma at lv.73. I am trying very hard to play this game exclusively until I beat it, but I ran into a part that I really do not like, involving a solo mission. I do not like fighting alone in an RPG. At all. Anyways, I think I went through about two chapters since the last playlog update, and the story is progressing like a generic RPG would. I could see those silly plot twists from a mile away, guys. The voice acting is also as bad funny as ever, but probably not up to Chaos Wars level “classic”. Ahahaha. To be honest, I was really liking this game when I first played it, but after about 23 hours of pressing X to win, it got really old, so whenever I play it now I just basically doze off while mashing the X button.

Final Fantasy VI (GBA)

A wild TERRA BRANFORD appeared!

So is her hair colour actually green or blonde? D:

First time playing a numbered FF game for real. Before this I had played about 3 battles in FFX and 1 battle in FFVII at a friend’s house, so I didn’t really know what the battle system was really like, except that it had MENUS. I guess I am pretty late to the FF party, but I had been really hesistant about jumping into the series because of its massive popularity. I tend to kinda flee from popular things as I am kind of an elitist or something. It’s terrible. I am really glad that I started FFVI, though, because it exceeded all of my expectations. I love the characters a LOT, because they seem so un-pretentious and cute, and the battle system isn’t as boring as I thought it would be, since each character has their own techs and different types of attacking. (like Sabin’s Blitz \o/!!) The music is also very nice too, even though I don’t want to admit it. The overworld theme is my favourite, and so far I like Kefka as a character best. “You son of a sandworm!” lolol.

As for progress, I finished the split paths and am about to pick one character to fight a boss with, something I really do not want to do, so I’ll hold off on playing this game for a while, at least until I beat SF EXA. Haet solo things. D’:

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

Finally picked this game up again because I was going through all my PS2 games one day, and ended up playing this for two to three hours, reviving my love for this game completely. It’s my favourite game again now..!! I seriously can’t believe I forgot how funny KOS-MOS was though, lol. Almost every scene with her at the end of Woglinde cracked me up, no wonder she’s one of my favourite characters ever. “Had you accomodated me from the outset, we would have saved one minute, forty-five seconds. This kid :’D Don’t mean to digress, except I will, but why on earth is this game 100 points on Goozex? It is really worth that little? I weep for XSI’s undervaluedness.

R-Cannon their ass, KOS-MOS!!

Anyways, it was really silly playing though the beginning of the game again, since I lost against a compulsory boss battle thrice (Not the laser shooting one!) as I forgot how to Boost hahaha. I also ended up grinding slightly on the ship because I forgot where to go and went in a huge loop. For some reason I still had a lot of fun dying/battling though. \o/ I’m trying to play other games besides this, since I’ve beaten it before, but it’s really hard because I love it so much. Oh, and XSI also made me want Xenogears even more than before. PSP want level up to 80% now because of PSN XG. Even though it is in Japanese.

Oh, and here, have a KOS-MOS wallpaper I made, which some of you have seen already because it’s on my Backloggery.

Beyond Good & Evil

A game I heard of long, long ago in Nintendo Power, and basically only got it due to two reasons: 1) Heard it was good and short and 2) $10 at Blockbuster. Anyways, this game is actually pretty fun despite my initial reluctance to get it because of its adventure-y genre (I fail at any game involving action/adventure/puzzles.), but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, except for the part I am stuck at right now, which is a stealth mission thing, and everytime I play it I just go insane and really nervous trying to hide from gasp scary people. /o\ I think my favourite parts about this game so far include Pey’j and the game’s story. Pretty thought-provoking-ish premise, but the game always remebers to not take itself too seriously. It’s awesome, except for the stealth part.

Castle Shikigami 2

Man, this is such a fun game, even more fun than Shining Force EXA, especially after unlocking Free Play with UNLIMITED credits. I just love trolling all the stages and “collecting” all the bullets to abuse my unlimited lives. Actually, I haven’t done that yet, but I do plan to do it. But yeah, I finally beat this! I planned to finish it while I only had 8 limited credits, but I accidentally played it too much and got Free Play before I beat the game :’D If you have $10 to spare or less, GET THIS GAME. It is nearly mindless fun, except that you have to dodge poop. Lots of it.

Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven)

Just how do you expect me to concentrate while THOSE FACES are flashing in front of me?!

Just how do you expect me to concentrate while THOSE FACES are flashing in front of me?!

Phew, finally beat this game D: I started it when the JPN release came out and lol, that was quite a while ago. I actually don’t like this game too much since 1) I have no sense of rhythm and 2) Some of the stages are really hard. To be honest I unlocked almost all the stages from the cafe, so uh, that was pretty lame. D: I did really like the funky music and art style though, they’re soooo cute, except I think my favourite stage design is Egg Fu. :’D The dumb face of the pupil cracks me up like crazy, and I wasn’t able to tap to rhythm at all because I kept getting distracted by that DUMB face.

Okay, so this is it for the post. This took longer to compile than I thought D: Oh well?! I was also going to report on Raidou 2 and Ketsui, but I ran out of things to say about them. Maybe next time?! See you then o/


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  1. her hair color is green. Amano just gives everybody blonde hair =P

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