Kibou – Acquisition Report

August 28, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaHEY GUYS I AM STILL ON THIS BLOG. Surprise? I have been kind of addicted to buying games rather than playing them, so Bak’Laag has been strengthened quite a bit…Also, most of the stuff I bought are RPGs therefore they will not be beaten anytime soon. Probably. Anyways, this is a report of stuff I bought since my last post, plus a bit of impressions if I played it…All currencies are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise specified. Unfortunately this post also includes stupid photos.

Games acquired:
Suikoden III, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, Chrono Cross, Shadow Hearts, Xenogears, Ikaruga, Final Fantasy IX, PS1 Memory Card

Suikoden III (PS2)

Date of Aquisition: June 30th
Damage from Acquisition: $15
Source of Acquisition: Craigslist
Comments: I actually bought this on impulse..kind of. It was on my wishlist, but it definitely wasn’t a high priority item. I got it anyways because $15 is a pretty decent price, and I didn’t want to regret getting it later for a possibly higher price.

Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)

Date of Aquisition: July 9th
Damage from Acquisition: US$15
Source of Acquisition: WanderingMind@Backloggery
Comments: A game that I’ve been wanting for a long, long time, and I was extremely happy to know that someone was willing to sell it, and at such a reasonable price! Currently about 5 hours into the game, and really enjoying it despite my incredibly high initial expectations. Quality game in all aspects! Also, I keep calling Ramza Marche (from FFTA) in my head, which is terrible because Ramza is way cuter. I also hate Delita and Algus as they are absolutely useless. At least I’m in Chapter 2 and have Agrias and Gafgarion (and an utterly useless Chocobo) now?!

Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

Date of Aquisition: July 11th
Damage from Acquisition: $0
Source of Acquisition: Seven@Backloggery
Comments: A game that I’ve been incredibly curious about ever since I heard that it’s MMO-like and it had character designs by Yoshida Akihiko. The seller is probably some kind of incarnation of Santa Claus as he sent me the game (in a like-new condition FFX box) free of charge. I am currently about 20 hours into the game and I am enjoying it beyond belief. The battle system is so efficient I could cry tears of joy, and Larsa is only the best NPC/Guest unit to appear in any game ever. My favourite characters so far are Fran (!!!!!!!!!!) and Larsa (!!!!), and for some reason all my party members are wielding long-range weapons.

Chrono Cross (PS1)

Date of Aquisition: July 14th
Damage from Acquisition: $10
Source of Acquisition: Craigslist
Comments: A wishlist game that I didn’t plan on getting so early, but for its price and (mint) condition, it is an absolute steal. I really don’t care about the Greatest Hits label, so it’s all good. Reasons for wanting this game include: Music by Mitsuda Yasunori (biggest reason), and is related to Chrono Trigger in some…way…I haven’t started this game yet, but I did gawk at the case for a long period of time.

Shadow Hearts (PS2)

Date of Aquisition: August 19th
Damage from Acquisition: $20
Source of Acquisition: Craigslist
Comments: Absolutely random find on craigslist one day. Extremely surprised that it was listed at all, since my city is usually a piece of shit for games, and when I saw the listing I emailed the seller in about one-tenth of a second. That’s how excited I was about this. I’ve been wanting this game since about 2004, but never thought that I would be able to have access to it EVER, making it one of my pseudo-dream games. You have no idea how unreal it felt to actually get this game, and in a good condition with manual plus box for only $20. Haven’t started the game yet due to certain distractions (read: FFT and XG), but I’m excited about starting it soon. Will decide if I want to go through the trouble of tracking down the sequel once I’ve played it.

Xenogears (PS1)

Date of Aquisition: August 26th
Damage from Acquisition: US$41.95 (US$31.00 + US$10.95 shipping)
Source of Acquisition: eBay
Comments: Crème de la crème of all my acquisitions here, and probably my entire collection too. This is my most sought-after game ever, and when I finally got off my lazy ass to try getting it, BAM I got it. Reasons for wanting it include it being related to Xenosaga (The first episode is among my favourite games ever), Mitsuda Yasunori music, and Elly’s friggin’ pretty face. Been playing this nearly non-stop since I got it, and my super-high expectations were fulfilled. I was surprised since I thought I would be sorely disappointed, but I wasn’t. The lolarious and down-to-earth dialogue is absolutely charming, and despite the terrible save screen, walking controls, crappy camera, and poor, low-quality sprites, I love the characters, the mechs (lol), and the battle system. It’s also awesome how fast I seem to level up. 5 minutes then BAM ~3 levels. My hand and head both hurt from just navigating the places in this game, but I can’t seem to stop. Something is drawing me to it!!!

Ikaruga (GC)

Date of Aquisition: August 26th
Damage from Acquisition: $24 ($20+$4 shipping)
Source of Acquisition: Seijika@Backloggery
Comments: If I didn’t get Xenogears, then this would be the highlight of my purchases, but now it’s on ALMOST equal footing with XG. Anyways, I never thought that I would ever be able to own this game since 1) I’ve wanted it since it was announced for GC release and 2) It is damn elusive/expensive, but I got really lucky this time and someone who owns an Xbox360 (Seijika) was able to sell me this other dream game of mine. Motivations for wanting this game badly include the fact that it’s a SHMUP BY TREASURE, has artwork by Suzuki Yasushi, looks incredibly beautiful, and has great music. I played about 12-15 minutes of this while taking a break from XG, and I was very happy to be annihilated by such a gorgeous game. Played on Normal Mode, Rank C, and cannot get past Stage 2’s disgusting boxes. I think the hardest part of this game is not crashing into anything. Dodging bullets is a-ok.

Final Fantasy IX (PS1)

Date of Aquisition: August 26th
Damage from Acquisition: $0
Source of Acquisition: Seijika@Backloggery
Comments: The first Final Fantasy game I was truly interested in, because a friend of mine is obsessed with it and said that it’s extremely awesome. Main motivations for this include no Nomura character designs (I am a little motivated to play all the FF games which lack Nomura designs lol), Zidane’s friggin cute face, and its relative underrated-ness (as compared to the likes of VII and VIII). Seijika is also akin to Seven in that they are both incarnations of Santa Claus, so he sent me this game for free (packed with Ikaruga, which I paid for). This is also the first black label PS1 game I own.

PS1 Memory Card

Date of Aquisition: July ??th
Damage from Acquisition: $0
Source of Acquisition: MechaGojira@Backloggery
Comments: Amendment to original post. Totally forgot to include this essential item from the lovely MechaGojira (and without charge too?! Geez that makes the 3rd Santa Claus D:)! Without it I couldn’t have played the PS1 games I bought in this post. No image though because I am really…really…lazy…But anyways, it’s a red transparent one from a third-party manufacturer, but it works very nicely. Came with stickers and a plastic case too. Reminds me of when I bought tonnes of Gamecube memory cards and I was always excited to put the new labels on…except I didn’t put a label on this PS1 memory card lol.

Final Report

Number of Acquisitions: 8
Total Damage from Acquisitions: ~$131 (~US$121)
Favourite Acquisitions: Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ikaruga, Final Fantasy XII
Most Damaging Acquisition: Xenogears
Most Damaged Acquisition: Xenogears
Least Damaged Acquisition: Final Fantasy Tactics
Least Damaging Acquisition(s): Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy IX
Most Unexpected Acquisition: Shadow Hearts



  1. Who are you again?

    8 games for ~$131 is pretty damn good, you lucky little! Also nice touch with the Gundam peeps admiring Suikoden. Or maybe they are criticizing it like snobs. Either way.

  2. Kibougears is go =D

    but…that poor jewel case…;_;

  3. So many good acquisitions…

    I’m glad I took good care of my copy of FFT before I sent it to you.

  4. what, does my free memory card not warrant a picture space? ;A;

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