Noi – Guess whose still in the blog?

September 9, 2009

A Slaves to the Grind post from me? Shocking, I know. This just goes to show just how far I’ll go to distract myself from actually working on my college. So after almost 8 months from my last post, here’s a brand spankin’ new post from moi. Just don’t get used to it.

So, time to do what I actually joined the blog to do: RPG report! Or at least, report on the last few ones that I’ve played, seeing how I actually haven’t had the time to sit down and actually play a console game, so I’m just sticking to portables as of late.

– On the Frontlines

The game EVERYONE is playing.

While not technically a pure RPG, this has been the one game that’s been eating up my spare time. It really is a time consuming game, and with the competitive nature going on between my and my college friends, who play against each other on a daily basis.

At the moment my best character is Warrior of Light, though Exdeath is coming at a close second, and Bartz trailing behind at third. I have all kinds of fun just experimenting with the different character’s play-styles and seeing just what I can do with them.

Not technically an RPG, but it certainly has one's grind.

This game started out great, but it’s slowed down to an absolute crawl due to one mission that requires me to protect a convoy from enemy forces. And said forces shoot arrows that go over your Patapon and right to the convoy. Needless to say, I’ve yet to clear said mission.

On the Backburner –

Hey, you've got demons in my tubes!

I’m trying to like this game. I really am. But there’s just /something/ about it that just doesn’t click with me, specially when I keep comparing it to it’s prequel. I liked the prequel’s music better at least, and while I love it’s game play, it’s yet to hook me like it’s predecessor did, so it’s going on the backburner while I work on other things.

Also know as Eff Eff 6.

Also know as Eff Eff 6.

Now, this game isn’t down here because I dislike it. On the contrary, I do. But because I just don’t have time to sit down and play a console game, playtime has been limited to my Saturday streams, where I try to make as much progress as possible. Last I checked, I had just reached the Empire’s Continent, after getting some Espers to abuse.

And that just about wraps it up! I dunno if I’ll be doing this soon again, so just in game, see you in 8 months!



  1. you broke your tie with Minty. GG man.

    and this means i’d better see some FF6 on Saturday, man.

  2. The elusive Noi springs back from the shadows to thundrous applause.

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