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February 15, 2010

_It’s been a while since the last roundup, hasn’t it? The animals have gone batshitcrazy, running amok all over the place. It’s about time to wrangle them up. But first…have I done anything interesting in the time since the last roundup? These opening paragraphs of WR’s are the only time i ever really talk about myself on this blog…but no, nothing interesting. Well, some stuff. I started a diet. My current progress: 50 pounds and 6 inches over 3 months. Decent progress, but I’ve still got plenty more work to do. The struggle continues…I miss all the delicious snacking. Thankfully, it’s a low carb/high protein diet, so while bread and potatoes ;_; are off-limits, tasty chicken and steak and still good. And I’ve replaced things like crackers, chips and cookies with peanut butter. Seriously. And looking at the last Roundup…that happened right after my birthday. Well…Christmas happened a while back month ago. I got some sweet Powerpuff Girls on DVD and Calvin & Hobbes books. They’ve brought me great joy over the past couple months. No new games were gotten, but that’s OK.  I own enough games that I haven’t beaten. I’ll be more psyched for getting new games for birthdays and Christmas when everything’s finished. Actually, I think I’ll be more psyched for being able to replay old favorites guilt-free when everything’s finished ;-D So…that’s about everything I feel like talking about for now…hey, howdy, hey, let’s round up some games, shall we? There’s a lot of ’em…

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