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Gendo – Lost Odyssey, Disc by Disc: The First

April 23, 2010

I don’t think I made any friends with the last post I made here, so I figured for my next post I would try talking positively about something instead. When I first heard rumblings about Lost Odyssey I didn’t pay much heed, after all I didn’t own a 360 nor did I plan on buying one. Years after the fact I’ve grown to learn that was a mistake and I missed out on perhaps the best RPG of this HD generation. Directed by the father of Final Fantasy himself: Hironobu Sakaguchi; this feels like the true successor to the Final Fantasy line. As I play through the game I’m gonna give my thoughts on the game, disc by disc, and I’ll try and stray from spoilers until the last disc.

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_hojo:gaming rig.ver01(thefarewell)

April 6, 2010

_This post has been a long time coming. And long overdue to boot. For a long time, I didn’t have access to a digital camera of any kind, which in this day and age, is kind of weird. But…I didn’t. Then…I got a sweet new phone. But like most cell phone cameras…the picture quality really isn’t that good when you upload it onto a computer. So…I waited. Then my sister got a digital camera a couple months ago. I had no real excuse then other than laziness Well…I finally got off my ass, and here it is…my gaming rig, in all its glory. Ready for some hardcore shit? You fuckin’ better be. Read the rest of this entry ?