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April 6, 2010

_This post has been a long time coming. And long overdue to boot. For a long time, I didn’t have access to a digital camera of any kind, which in this day and age, is kind of weird. But…I didn’t. Then…I got a sweet new phone. But like most cell phone cameras…the picture quality really isn’t that good when you upload it onto a computer. So…I waited. Then my sister got a digital camera a couple months ago. I had no real excuse then other than laziness Well…I finally got off my ass, and here it is…my gaming rig, in all its glory. Ready for some hardcore shit? You fuckin’ better be.

This is my gaming rig. You can't see it here, but my computer is to the left. All my Nintendo games are on the top left on what was originally meant to be a Beanie Baby shelf (lol). To the left of the entertainment center are my PS1 games, some "legit" PS2 games, borrowed Dreamcast games, and at the bottom are Genesis games. To the right, you'll find the actual legit PS2 games, followed by original X-Box and 360 titles. And to the right of those, you'll see my beatmania IIDX controller and the artbook "puzzle/ Maya Takamura's Pieces."

_That’s just my gaming rig…wanna see the general layout of my entire room? Here’s the huge pic. Seriously, it’s huge. Did you click it? I told you. I left some fun goodies around for you to see. Neopets plushies on my dresser, the dressers from my childhood which are covered in stickers which i used to collect for no reason other than to put them on my dresser, my sister’s Twilight DVD on my Febreezed chair, the Powerpuff Girls plate on the floor, my bed being made for the first time in well over a year specifically for the purpose of these pictures, my Wall-E throw blanket…you can also see a lot of the poster themes I have going on on each wall.

_While I had my sister’s camera, I also decided to take some more pictures…various things around my room and fun with figurines…let’s have a look-see, shall we?

My drawer of handheld systems and other various things like the case for Rogue Squadron for the N64, a game I've never owned in my entire life.

You may have heard about my ancient TV that doesn't even have composite inputs. Well, that box on the right is what makes modern-day console play possible on it. It's my Composite/RF converter. And that there on the left is my composite selector. You'll also notice on top of the selector, not hooked up at the moment, is a splitter, which i use for streaming. My consoles run into my composite selector, which then run into the RF adaptor, which then runs into my television. And when i stream, the splitter is also plugged into the selector. That's some hardcore shit, huh? And yes, the carpet is fucking filthy.

Doink. (don'tmindmyfingers)

This is the fingerboard that makes Yanya Caballista possible. Go hit up eBay before somebody else does!

My 2010 calendar. 2009 was Pixar's Cars, 2008 was Graffiti World, and 2007 was Alex Grey. I'm a red-blooded male and I decided it was high time to have sexy women on my fucking wall =P

I am the mighty Asuka! A+ #1 Evangelion pilot! Cross me and feel my wrath! I don't need boys and am not attracted sexually to Shinji in the least!

A close up look of the complete jigsaw puzzle that came with Maya Takamura's...puzzle =P. This took about 3-4 hours to complete.

Joyride Studios shows why I prefer their Halo figures over MacFarlane's, even if the details on the MacFarlane line are superior. Can the MacFarlane figures hoist marines into the air like so much paper? Can they?!

A close-up shot of my Pop'n Music poster. Is it bad that I have a Pop'n Music poster hanging on my wall and I own no Pop'n games? Is it bad that I have this and have only played Pop'n once? Is it bad that when I acquired this poster, I had yet to ever play Pop'n Music? Let's just...not answer any of these questions...

I got this at Comic-Con 2007. I was debating between this and Knights of the Round, and decided on Kefka. I was with Herlock, and at the same time, he bought a Knight of the Round figure at the same booth, and when the seller grabbed it, he put a "SOLD OUT" sign in front of it, and in my head, I said "Fuck, I should have got a KotR," just based on the fact that they were hotter items. But that quickly went away when the guy did the same thing to the Kefka figure after he grabbed mine ;-D

My collection of PS1 and PS2 memory cards. You might miss it at first glance, but there's a 7th PS1 card on its side on the left. Boy, I sure did love the disc era before hard drives!

A better look at the Powerpuff Girls plate you might have seen lying in my room in the giant pic. Yes, it is shaped like a heart. And yes, Buttercup does have a big smile on her face while Blossom has the angry eyes. This does seem a bit out of character. Anyways...this is my apple plate. I take this downstairs and core apples on it. Plates without the Powerpuff Girls on them are for babies. In all seriousness, though, I've been using this plate a lot since I started my diet, because it's a lot smaller in size than most of our other plates, so it makes it easy to keep my portion sizes small if I use it.

When I first bought the Space Channel 5 Special Edition for the PS2, I found out soon afterwards that not only were there SC5 figures made back when the original game came out on the Dreamcast, but they also came out in the US! Holy fuck! Anyways, I found out soon afterwards that...they're rather rare nowadays and they go for more money than any of the games themselves will run you. This made me sad. Well...one day, a random eBay search found me a lot containing a Pudding and an Evila, both sealed (as you can see), for the grand total of $15...AFTER SHIPPING! I totally bit. And there they are, in all their reporting glory...well, not really. You can't really report very well when you're sealed in plastic. Makes me feel kind of bad, really...

This is a Dugtrio I made out of clay back when Pokemon Blue was popular, putting the likely date sometime in early 1999, meaning my likely age was 14. Looking back at my experience in the field of the clay arts, I'm surprised at how well it turned out XD Also, you get to see a good look at my DOAXBV X-Box skin. The only reason the Dugtrio is there is because the base happens to fit near perfectly on the original X-Box logo. Seriously, epic coincidence. I mean, consider the date I made it and that the original Box didn't come out until almost 2 years later.

_Well…that just about wraps up this post of pictures of my set-up. I’ll admit…I was going originally going to open up this post differently. This post was a little hard to make. I’ve lived in my current home for over 20 years. At the age of 25, that’s more than 3/4ths of my entire life, and all of my adult life that I’ve lived here. And within the month, we’ll be moving out. Unfortunately, it’s not one of those “Kids leaving the nest” situations. I still can’t afford to move out and live on my own, and as a family, we can no longer afford to live here. It’s hard to live somewhere for so long…to have so many attachments to a place…and to be forced to leave. We’ve known for a long time that we’d have to leave, and even longer that we should. But we wanted to do everything we could to keep the house that we grew up in in the family, even though the house we grew up in is a shit sty. There’s 3 bathrooms, only 1 of which works, walls are and ceilings and falling apart, everything either needs to or SHOULD be torn out and replaced. But even though it’s a shitty house…there are memories we wanted to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. As this reality has set in over the past month or two, it’s been hard for me to deal with. To anybody I might have been short with, or needlessly cruel to over this period of time, I apologize. It’s not the kind of thing I particularly enjoy bringing up and talking about, or want to for that matter. When it’s done, I think I’ll be alright. As I’ve said to my dad about the subject…moving into the new place will be easy. Leaving will be hard. For now, I leave you with these…

Wall-E is very sad to leave this house.

Over the past 20 years, I've stayed in different rooms in the house at different periods of time. The room I'm in now as we prepare to move out is the room I was in when we first moved in. While the orientation is different, my current bed is in the same spot my old bunk bed was in the old days. When I was a kid, my aunt hand-made me a teddy bear, which I slept with every night. In those days, I put him in the corner of the bed, the same spot in which he resides in this very picture. As the days wind down in my childhood home, I've decided to return him to his old stomping grounds. I'm a pack rat and I hate getting rid of my old things, as evidenced by the fact that Teddy is still around, along with many of my old stuffy pals (not pictured). Everything tugs at my heartstrings. I'm going to miss this house.



  1. I’m going to miss that house I have spent a good chunk of my days(life) in that house as well……

  2. That’s a pretty amazing set up you have! Haha, I wish I had more room to have my room set up like this.

    It’s a shame that you have to move, I know how that is (I had to do the same a few years back), so I wish you the best of luck with the move and everything to follow!

  3. I have the same Jack in the Box bobblehead! Good luck with the move! I just moved recently too; one lesson I learned was that you should make sure you really know what you want to unpack first. If you don’t, those items might get lost in the abyss of boxes!

  4. It’s always hard to leave a place one has spent a long time in, but yeah, good luck with moving!? Wonderful that it prompted you to do a rig/room post, though, I love seeing this stuff. Digging that Puzzle puzzle! Surprised that there are that many pieces to it, very nice. And geez, that’s a lot of consoles…kinda D:

  5. The one thing i regret over my years of gaming is how little paraphernalia i’ve managed to collect. I wouldn’t take a picture of my “gaming rig” if i could, as it just consists of a single television next to a console or two sitting on top of my dresser. My room would do nothing to tell anyone that i game for a substantial portion of my day, other than the perpetual mess. This is genuinely impressive to me.

    I can imagine how much of a bummer taking these pictures must have been. I did the same sort of thing when i moved as a child.

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