_hojo:Slaves Blog – The Future

October 25, 2010

_There hasn’t been a post in nearly two months, mainly because…I’m pretty much the only person still active here. That’s OK. However, I have a…bad reason! A few months ago, I looked at all of the group blogs we had going around, and only really saw one person [Or less] actively posting on all of them. I thought to myself “Hmmmmm…you know, if all the group blogs have disintegrated into solo blogs, why not take those solo’ists and form a supergroup out of them?!” That was…quite a while ago. Many months. actually. I mentioned it to Moku when he asked if I’d like to join a music blog with him. I threw him this idea about a superblog with everybody blogging about whatever, and he said “Cool. I like it.” More time passed, we sat on our hands, and eventually, Moku took action, threw it out to interested parties, we got together, and thus, We Fear Change was born.

_At first, I thought to myself “Yeah, dissolve the old blogs, only have the one.” Then Moku said “There’s no reason to not have both.” Which was true. Also, Ayai over on Press X To Win had recently put up the first new post in forever, which begs the question “Would it really be fair for one person to just crush all the blogs like so much ants when other people, while not super active, might still want to use them?” This is not to say that I don’t take WFC seriously, but where I’ve put a rather decent amount of effort into every post here, over there is going to be a much more loose atmosphere. Not that there won’t be serious posts, or posts that I don’t put effort into, or vice versa, but…you get it. Or at least I hope you do. “Posts over there might end up more like this posts than the normal posts I post here.” Kay? Whatever.

_So that said…what does this mean for the future of Slaves to the Grind? Well, long story…slightly condensed, it meant that at one point, I was taking it upon myself to say that there was no future for it. But along the way, I then decided that this means nothing for the future of Slaves. As in, it will continue as it has: With me likely doing the bulk of the posting, and everyone else free to post something at any time if they feel like it. Good day to you =)



  1. I guess I’m not cool enough to be in the group…..or maybe it’s because I rarely show up on backlog.

  2. Great Job!

  3. I recently shut down the Masters of Unlocking blog after an incident that got one person kicked out of the group. He also happened to be one of the few active posters in the group. Since Rarutos wanted to do his own group blog and I wanted to revive my old blog, I decided to shut down the MOU blog.

    The one thing that kept the Masters of Unlocking together for so long was the AIM group we created to go along with the blog. It’s still around and now outlives the blog, so it isn’t a total loss.

    • Yeah, I saw that [well, not the someone getting kicked out, but you shutting it down]. A shame since I liked reading your stuff…but oh wait, you’re continuing stuff =P

  4. Hey man I gave it a fair shake. A FAIR SHAKE INDEED.

    also boy am I late to this party

    • yeah, a fair shake…for like, 2 days!

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