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_hojo:30 Days of Gaming – One Day of Xenogears + Stuff I Was Forced to Not Answer with “Xenogears”

December 7, 2010

_I was talking to someone the other day about how I’m just not cut out for watching TV shows when they air. Waiting around in anticipation for new episodes is just…tedious and unbearable. When I reflected on this statement later, I came to the conclusion that my entire life is like that. I don’t like watching an episode of a show and then waiting a week for a new one; I like waiting for the entire season to finish, then buying it all on DVD and watching it in a day or two. I still like buying CD’s not just for the physical copy, but also because it semi-forces me to listen to at least 10 songs when I throw it in my car stereo. I prefer eating big meals every day as opposed to lots of small little ones. I’m better when I play a video game nonstop as opposed to digesting it slowly [See: Record of Agarest War for proof. I tried taking it slowly, and I’ve been playing it since August. Plus that game is long as fuck]. I read books in the same way, too, lest I forget the details from the beginning chapters. What can I say? I’m a marathon man. So…when it came to this whole “30 Days of Gaming” thing going around, I thought to myself “Really? ONE post per day? Sounds neat…but not happening. I’ll do it all at once, thanks.” [BTW, that thought came before my epiphany on how I prefer everything all at once and not spread out, so…that’s another example]. But, as opposed to just shooting everything out right at the start while nobody else had finished, I figured I’d at least wait a while before doing this…and it’s been a while now, so here goes!

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