aka. how this blog will work.

So uh, there are going to be 67 bloggers who post acording to their own schedule. Some may post lots, others…will not. Posts revolve around vidya gaemz 24/7, but there might be slight hints of referencing and other misc. activities.  We will not rant about our lives or other insignificant things, and WILL FOCUS ON GAEMZ….and maybe other things like manga, anime, and music. (But the main point of the blog is still going to be about games)

Types of posts include: reviews, previews, impressions, game progress updates, and perhaps character/series spotlights.

I’m not sure if this page is needed, but since we have a characters page, why not have a system page as well, since that’s what most video game official sites have. (At least the Japanese ones…)

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