when play becomes work, you’re a slave to the grind…

That Female Melee Character Who Seems Tough But Is Actually Useless at Killing Enemies: polymetrica (aka Kibou)

Yes, I have noticed that Kibou has nothing to do with the name Polymetrica, but since I prohibit the odd shortenings of Polymetrica (“Poly”, “Metric”), you can either call me Kibou, Polymetrica, or Olyme, Olyme being the only shortening of Polymetrica that I accept. (Yow I sound like I’m a credit card machine. “I do not accept American Express.”)

So anyways, my favourite video game genres are games with traps RPG and the-kind-that-lets-me-button-mash/press (ie. SHMUPs, fightan gaems) but I am good at none of them. The genres I dislike the most include platformers and first-person shooters. They are most difficult for me. I am also atrocious at finishing games I have started due to my short attention span, so while I know the title of many games and how they work, I have in reality finished/played only about 0.5% of them. Also, I rather like shopping around for games rather than playing them. This results in a collection that will most likely never be completed.

Other things I like include little (blond) fictional boys, tyranny, books about revenge and distorted world views, as well as bothering people with my annoying opinions which nobody cares about. I am continually addicted to butchering my Backloggery. I should also tell you that I am allergic to most popular things. (Persona 3, Kingdom Hearts, Edward Cullen, etc)

That Narcissistic Male Knife Fighter Who Has Way Too Many Squealing, LiveJournal-using, 13-year old Fangirls: Seijika (セイジカ)

I like poetry, talking about feelings, loli, and walks on the beach.

My favorite type of games is hard to pinpoint completely, but I am an avid fan of side-scrollers, Rockman being my favorite series of all. I deeply enjoy fighting games, despite them giving me major rage issues from time to time. I can deal with some shooters, but mostly just those in 3rd-person perspective (Lost Planet, RE4, Gears of War). RPG’s are fantastic, however, I tend to never finish many. This Unfinished streak must be put to an end! Games I just can’t stand are Racing games (except for F-Zero), sports games (except the odd hockey game here and there…), and most First-Person Shooters including this year’s next hit: Generic War Shooter 4: Same Gameplay Redux.

It should come to little surprise that I am quite the anime fan, and quite the Nipponophile.  I lazily and slowly study the language, and will one day (hopefully) achieve my goal of being able to stand in Akihabara and play in a Street Fighter tournament (and get destroyed). As much as my interests blow East, I am also a major movie watcher, of films from many different years and many different countries. I watch on average 2-4 movies a week, ever since I could even watch them. Lastly, I collect old scrap metal I find in the woods and turn them into flying machines.

Expect my new film, Cool Dudes in Space, to hit theaters in 2010.

_it sounds deeper than it really is: _hojo

Narcissus At Oasis

_gaming.interests/most any. platformer, RPG, FPS, 3PS, racer, fighter, puzzle, rhythm, etc. etc. in the right hands, any genre can be enjoyable. the only genre i’ve never taken a real liking to is survival/horror. they generally are too slow, control like shit, and have have uninteresting stories. fuck Silent Hill and fuck you endaso.

_of course, i do have favorites. i’m very partial to RPG’s, due to being a sucker for story (why i don’t read more books is beyond me…). i see people arguing over RPG’s and going “this sucks, this is overrated, this is great, not enough people played this” and i find myself thinking “…i like all of those. maybe i just have low standards.” but i find myself thinking that with a lot of things.

_after video games, i love music. i often go down to the local record store and peruse around, looking for albums i’ve been meaning to buy, or albums i’ve heard about somehow, or whatever. it’s nice because CD’s are cheaper than video games so it’s easier to afford to look around. musically, i’d probably have to say i enjoy hard rock the most, followed by electronic/dance (i still find it funny how most places will classify it as SLASHdance like anybody has ever hit the dance floor while Aphex Twin came on the PA, the two generic-label genres are so dis-similar most of the time). but even with music, stand by what i said about video games as well: in the right hands, any genre can be enjoyable.

_aboutmytext: why don’t i use correct punctuation? no REAL reason. it’s not really a hassle for me to type properly. i just decided one day while posting in a forum that…i just didn’t feel like it. so i stopped. but i’ve come to like it. 1, it adds some personal style. 2, it isn’t that hard to read. on a computer, things like periods stand out enough that seeing that a sentence has come to and end isn’t that difficult. it may may skimming harder, but if you’re skipping the majority of all the things i’m saying and just looking for keywords, the computer has this wonder feature called “Ctrl+F” for that. if you’re reading everything, it makes almost no difference. 3, it makes things i DO capitalize stand out.

_i also think underscores are awesome ways to denote paragraphs, since so many things are Tab un-friendly, and capital letters after underscores just don’t seem as aesthetically pleasing to me.

(`・ω・´)ゝ: Temmy

– will play anything that looks interesting.
– RPGs make up the majority of my game collection unfortunately.
– incredibly slow at finishing games.
– is a sucker for architectural designs in games. (ex. FFXII)
– horrible at naming things.
– music interest: videogame, doujin, electronic, folk, Vocaloid → my last.fm
– 日本語はちょっとまずい。まぁ、ゲームでいいよ。自分の著述の中で「www」が多いです、すいません。それが全てのニコニコ動画の所為だw
– Fails at writing about herself as is apparent by this really short introduction in point form.

That Seemingly Useless Party Member Who Ends Up Becoming the Most Rigged Character Of Them All: Noi

Born July 25, 1989 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Noi was almost given a completely freakish name as a result of being born in the same date as a national holiday. Thankfully, he was instead called “Gerry”, after his bastard father’s nickname, much to his own relief once he found out 15 years later. How he got the online name “Noi”, however, is a story for another day.

Wikipedia-type story aside, the name’s Noi. Some people call me a weaboo, but I wouldn’t say I’ve gone off the deep end, so I’m just your regular game otaku. Hell, I haven’t even seen a recent anime in months, though I splurge on manga every month. My very first console was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, along with Super Mario World, which is to date one of my all-time favorite games. It wasn’t until around 1997 when one of my cousins loaned me his copy of Final Fantasy VII, claming how it was “too hard and confusing for him”. To this day, I blame him for sending my on the downard spiral that are JRPGs. I currently on at least 50 of ‘em, with more than half unfinished. I have a bad habit of starting them up and just… moving on to another game. I copy pasted my bio from DRE, so sue me.

That Gentleman Of 2 Homes And 7 Moms Who May Be A Human or God Needing To Parasite, Yet He Promises To Forget Because He Wants To Keep His Words, At Least He’s Trying: Minh T green T

The name’s Minty.
Beating down evil!

If I see young ladies
how do I salute?

I like girls. But now
it’s about justice!

Stop bothering me!
You have two choices.

A.Beaten then caught.
B.Caught then beaten.

Life isn’t a game!
You are very wrong!

Slaves for fashion
dislike bulges.

That Dark, Mysterious and Wise Samurai Who Teaches You All About the World, and Carries a Badass Sword: Gendo

GendoSo people like to call me a weeaboo, but frankly I like to think I’m a little more sophisticated than that. When I hear that name it just conjures up images of squealing fangirls and fanboys obsessed over anything related to Japan. I on the other hand enjoy all things Japan on a more developed level if you will. Man that makes me sound like an elitist doesn’t it? Well I am one, so live with it!

I love music but I haven’t really been keeping up with that scene recently so all stuff I love isn’t “cool” anymore, ya know? For anime, I seem to lean towards the oldschool, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping up to date with the latest and greatest from Japan…even if 90% of it is moe moe.

On the games side I’m a sucker for RPGs and Adventure games, though lately my tastes have leaned toward the oldschool side. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Zelda, Metroid, Metal Gear Solid; these are among my favourite video game series. I do need to check out some of these newfangled RPGs besides Persona 3+4 one of these days.

I will stand by the fact that Super Metroid is perhaps the greatest game of all-time and that Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger are infinitely better than Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Cross. Lately I’ve been rediscovering some series like Dragon Quest and King of Fighters, also my DS is amassing a staggeringly large pile of games. I’ll get you yet Bak’laag!

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