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Kibou – Acquisition Report

August 28, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaHEY GUYS I AM STILL ON THIS BLOG. Surprise? I have been kind of addicted to buying games rather than playing them, so Bak’Laag has been strengthened quite a bit…Also, most of the stuff I bought are RPGs therefore they will not be beaten anytime soon. Probably. Anyways, this is a report of stuff I bought since my last post, plus a bit of impressions if I played it…All currencies are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise specified. Unfortunately this post also includes stupid photos.

Games acquired:
Suikoden III, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, Chrono Cross, Shadow Hearts, Xenogears, Ikaruga, Final Fantasy IX, PS1 Memory Card

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Kibou – Things I Played in June (kinda)

June 19, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaMan, blogging seems to be untrendy or something these days because there haven’t been many posts, huh. Guess I will break that chain, this time with yet another playlog post kinda, but there are impressions and stuff as well, since I went and started MORE new games. What attention span!! Also, some of these games were actually played in May, but uh, details!

To be honest I have not been playing a lot of games lately, since I am slightly addicted to watching other people play games I will never get a chance to play for some reason, but I guess I am getting back into it, especially on the RPG front. It’s been so long since I played something that’s not a SHMUP/Frustrating Gundam game that I forgot what it was like not mashing X to win. Or something.

Games reported on (In no particular order): Shining Force EXA, Final Fantasy VI, Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, Beyond Good & Evil, Castle Shikigami 2, and Rhythm Tengoku Gold.

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Kibou – Things I Played in April and May

May 18, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaUmm, hello, contrary to popular belief, I am still at this blog. Lurking. Maybe. I’ve actually tried to write up like 3 posts but they all failed miserably (read: ended up being as “awesome” as Twilight lolol) Anyways, this post is just a playlog as usual…I have another post up my sleeve but that will take a while to compile (did I just rhyme!), so here’s something to break Seijika’s 3-post combo. C-c-c-combo breaker! That would be me. 

Also changed the title because “Month Playlog Number” is not a very enticing…title. Well, I guess this new one isn’t too creative either BUT HEY, I DIDN’T ASK YOU.

Games reported on: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (That game everyone is playing, aka Gundam Musou 2), Lux-Pain, Hoshizora no Comic Garden, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Ketsui: Death Label, and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. 

The post format for this will be in an um, image, but you can still ctrl+F to find explanations. 


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Kibou – Luxurious Thinkings: Ep II

April 1, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaThis post is actually only going to be about one game, so it’ll go into more-ish detail than normal. (Sorry, that was a lie. I meant a HECK of a lot more detail.)

That one game is Lux-Pain, an adventure novel thing for the DS. Official site here.

I initially wanted to play this game because 1) PRETTY ART and 2) it’s an adventure game, and those are usually short. I  actually kind of expected Lux-Pain to be something great because of its srs bsns look and cool designs, but…lol.

Anyways, this game was way more amusing than people had me think it would be, except its…humour is not exactly intentional. I do love making my own fun!

Since this is a really long post, I don’t expect anyone to read more than a sentence or two of it, so if you’re just wanting to see if the game is right for you, just CRTL+Ftl;dr” to find the entire post in one concise statement or two! Handy! (Or not?)

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Kibou – Possibly Interesting Releases: March ’09

March 15, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaYeah, March will be/is already a great month, just like September ’08 was! RPG month I CHOOSE YOU.

In this post I will show you them release dates, brief (or not so brief?) summaries, pictures, and the estimated anticipation level for it…or maybe just MY anticipation level D’:

Sorry about the ultra long-ness of this post because it’s covering the ENTIRE month, so yeah, bear with me! (But don’t claw or growl at me?!) Hopefully this will help as more of a reference post than something to read in one sitting…or whatever. Not sure if I’ll post another like this ever again since they take ages to compile.

I’m also sorry about how late this is. 4 games on this list have been released already because I actually spent a week procrastinating typing this up! Crazy post is crazy.

Games outlined are from either Japan (JPN) or North America (NA).

Split up by platform, then organized by release dates BECAUSE I CAN.

Nintendo DS:
– 7th Dragon (JPN; Mar 5 – released, but..)
– Avalon Code (NA; Mar 10, Released)
– Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (NA; Mar 16)
– Suikoden Tierkreis (NA; Mar 17)
– Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus (JPN; Mar 19)
– Super Robot Taisen K (JPN; Mar 20)
– Pokemon Platinum (NA; Mar 22)
– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (NA; Mar 23)
– Space Invaders Extreme 2 (JPN; Mar 26)
– Will O’ Wisp (JPN; Mar 26)
– Lux-Pain (NA; Mar 27)

Playstation 2:
– Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (NA; Mar 24)

Edit: I got the release date for the above game wrong D’: In my excitement I thought it was going to be released in March, but it was actually releasing in April  24! Terrible! At least it’s still coming out in 2009. My god.

Xbox 360/Playstation 3:
– Resident Evil 5 (JPN, NA; Mar 13, Released)

Playstation Portable:
– Phantasy Star Portable (NA; Mar 3, Released)
– Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (NA; Mar 10)

Ctrl+F away!

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Kibou – Random (&Angry?) Thinkings: Episode I

February 23, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaContrary to popular belief, I am indeed alive! I just haven’t been posting because I am uninteresting as usual. I actually started like 3 posts but they all turned out to be similar to excrement. Hmm!

Anyways, during this span of inactivity, I have beaten 3 games. Extremely productive of me on the gamepreyan front, but that unfortunately came at the expense of academia or whatever the heck they call it. Oh well!

So the games I beat were Saya no Uta, Persona 4, and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2. I am currently in a console game slump (thanks, P4!) so I’m just playing random DS things now, hoping that I can beat SOMETHING. This will be a pseudo final impressions + sorta now playing report thingamajig. The bandwagon, I jumped on it!

Stuff I’ll talk about: Saya no Uta, Persona 4, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2, Princess Debut.  Ctrl+F, I choose you!

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Kibou – Rig of Fail

February 5, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaWow, it feels like I haven’t posted in forever…Maybe it’s because a lot of people posted last week, but whatever?! 

Anyways, time for an extremely TRENDY, show off-y post! This is the rig post that everyone and their goats did a while back. Let me on that bandwagon already! I took pictures of both (the less fugly part of) my room and “my”…rec room. Kind of picture intensive, but really, I’m just lying! 


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