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_hojo:Super Pac-Man – Turbo Hyper Dot Eating

November 21, 2010

_Pac-Man Championship Edition was a fantastic game. It was the kind of game that made me say “I wish they’d made this sooner so I could have been playing it earlier in my lifespan.” Even worse is that the original was out for over a year before I played it for the first time. I was missing out on joy for that year. It’s because I don’t really care for original Pac-Man that much. I’m sorry, Pac-Man. I’m sorry for letting my opinion on your game from last century sway me against your game from this century. It was wrong of me, and I apologize. And yet…even after that, I wasn’t that excited about the sequel at the first announcement.

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Gendo – My Love/Hate Relationship With Final Fantasy, and Why I Won’t Play XIII

March 10, 2010

With all the recent buzz about Final Fantasy XIII I figured I’d talk a little bit about why I don’t think I’ll be playing it. There probably is no possible way that I think I could sit down and enjoy Final Fantasy XIII, just from the information that I’ve gleaned from reviews it really doesn’t sound like a game I would like… but why? This won’t be an in depth discussion (it’s gonna come off as more of a rant), but more a casual glace at how I’ve come to hate the Final Fantasy series.

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_hojo:Hello Tree-Oh Dust

September 25, 2009

_hojo.artcoreThe Halo series has long been a source of fun discussions. Intelligent conversations such as “Halo? More like GAY-lo, amirite?” and “LOL Halo is shit and all the fukin XBox fagz know it they only like it becuz its all dey got we got Killzone and Resistence and Call of Duty have fun with your shitty game faggot!!!” and “HALO IS THE BEST SERIZ EV4R!!1!” have thankfully graced our lives since the first game landed alongside the original Microsoft-Box in 2001. Putting aside all those wonderful points I just brought up, I will now delve into the newest release in the series, Halo 3: ODST. Or to get more into the spirit of the game, come with me as we drop into ODST. If you know a little about the story, you probably just let out a quick chuckle, then shook your head at the bad pun. If you didn’t, the connection goes over your head and it just sounds like a typical overused subject line in reviews. Don’t worry…the sentence was both of those things.

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Gendo – The King of Fighters 2009

August 4, 2009


Well I was contemplating what to do for my first post here and many different topics have been swimming around in my head the past few days, but some of those can wait for future blog posts. The one that’s been on the forefront of my mind for the past couple days has been The King of Fighters XII. So I present to you a short review of The King of Fighters XII, for the PS3 and 360.

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_hojo:Scrumptious ‘Splosion Man

August 1, 2009

hojo.artcore_ah, platformers. at one point in time, when i was young, it seemed like every game was a platformer of some kind. renting games at my local video park was basically “Rent a Platformer.” anything i rented, i expected it to scroll sideways and involve jumping on and over various things. any game based on licensed properties were platformers. they were like the default genre. funny enough, a lot of licensed games now are also platformers, only they’re awful 3D platforming abominations. in fact, most 3D platformers are awful abominations unto the lord himself. i wouldn’t be surprised if god beamed an image of himself into these developers dreams at night, sitting on a cloud, stroking his hand on his head to show that he has a migraine, muttering something underneath his breath sounding like “you son of a bitch, you shame me with this wretched garbage.” basically…the platform genre has been a rather desolate place the past 10 years. sure, we get stuff like Super Mario Galaxy or Jak and Daxter every once in a while, but it’s been slim pickings for platformers since we stopped measuring the power of consoles in bits.

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Kibou – Possibly Interesting Releases: March ’09

March 15, 2009

Kibou/PolymetricaYeah, March will be/is already a great month, just like September ’08 was! RPG month I CHOOSE YOU.

In this post I will show you them release dates, brief (or not so brief?) summaries, pictures, and the estimated anticipation level for it…or maybe just MY anticipation level D’:

Sorry about the ultra long-ness of this post because it’s covering the ENTIRE month, so yeah, bear with me! (But don’t claw or growl at me?!) Hopefully this will help as more of a reference post than something to read in one sitting…or whatever. Not sure if I’ll post another like this ever again since they take ages to compile.

I’m also sorry about how late this is. 4 games on this list have been released already because I actually spent a week procrastinating typing this up! Crazy post is crazy.

Games outlined are from either Japan (JPN) or North America (NA).

Split up by platform, then organized by release dates BECAUSE I CAN.

Nintendo DS:
– 7th Dragon (JPN; Mar 5 – released, but..)
– Avalon Code (NA; Mar 10, Released)
– Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (NA; Mar 16)
– Suikoden Tierkreis (NA; Mar 17)
– Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus (JPN; Mar 19)
– Super Robot Taisen K (JPN; Mar 20)
– Pokemon Platinum (NA; Mar 22)
– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (NA; Mar 23)
– Space Invaders Extreme 2 (JPN; Mar 26)
– Will O’ Wisp (JPN; Mar 26)
– Lux-Pain (NA; Mar 27)

Playstation 2:
– Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (NA; Mar 24)

Edit: I got the release date for the above game wrong D’: In my excitement I thought it was going to be released in March, but it was actually releasing in April  24! Terrible! At least it’s still coming out in 2009. My god.

Xbox 360/Playstation 3:
– Resident Evil 5 (JPN, NA; Mar 13, Released)

Playstation Portable:
– Phantasy Star Portable (NA; Mar 3, Released)
– Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (NA; Mar 10)

Ctrl+F away!

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