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_hojo:Final Fantasy XIII – revolutionizing the paradigm outside the box

May 10, 2010

_On December 17th, 2009, Final Fantasy 13 was released in Japan. The hype was huge and the internet was abuzz with “He said, she said” from friend’s brother’s cousin’s roommate who speaks japanese but can’t read it that well who was about 5 hours into the game, but already had written up their final impressions on the full game. After about 2 weeks, you’d have thought that the entire internet was fluent in japanese, had imported the JP FF13 and had played through the full game already, because if you brought it up, they’d tell you how linear it was, how the storytelling was weak, who the worst member of the awful cast was, and how the lack of towns ruined the gameplay. Because everybody had totally played it. “I can’t wait for this to come out and get torn apart by the US reviewers because it’s horrible!” All this from people who weren’t jaded anti-S-E revisionists who loved FF7 back when it came out, then when they found out that kids that went to Hot Topic were into Advent Children, they started telling people that FF7 was totally gay and K-ON! is hardcore. No sirree. Anyways…on March 9th, FF13 hit US shores, and shockingly enough, I decided for play it myself and judge it based on my own feelings. Novel concept, eh? These are those feelings put into words.

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