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_hojo:Woody’s Roundup.06

June 6, 2010

_Well…obviously, there have been things happening in my life since the last roundup. I’m now in a new place of residency. My room is much smaller, but I have many new things to better maximize the space given to me. If I had this stuff in my old room, I’d have had a fuckton of space. Oh well. Once I’m FULLY settled in, I’ll have pics of the new rig up in another post [I actually am settled in, but I’m not really done setting up my room yet. Stuff is still lying around…I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with a couple of my things yet.] Well…I was settled in during the FF13 post, but now I’m getting back into the blogging…thing. Well, no more than before. Not like I ever kept up a torrid pace of posts. But I do try to make ’em meaty, even if I have to combine single paragraphs about 10 different games to make ’em that way! And now, because you’ve got a friend in me…it’s time for another roundup.

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