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_hojo:Slaves Blog – The Future

October 25, 2010

_There hasn’t been a post in nearly two months, mainly because…I’m pretty much the only person still active here. That’s OK. However, I have a…bad reason! A few months ago, I looked at all of the group blogs we had going around, and only really saw one person [Or less] actively posting on all of them. I thought to myself “Hmmmmm…you know, if all the group blogs have disintegrated into solo blogs, why not take those solo’ists and form a supergroup out of them?!” That was…quite a while ago. Many months. actually. I mentioned it to Moku when he asked if I’d like to join a music blog with him. I threw him this idea about a superblog with everybody blogging about whatever, and he said “Cool. I like it.” More time passed, we sat on our hands, and eventually, Moku took action, threw it out to interested parties, we got together, and thus, We Fear Change was born.

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